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oldbat2beFebruary 24, 2013

Hi all,

I can't make up my mind on the fridge area and DH reminds me that there are lots of other projects to be worked on, so I've moved on to the pantry.

This room is to the left of the ovens, and we have a space for dry good storage approximately 36" deep x 53 1/2" wide. There's a wall to the left of this which is not structural and which would be removed, making total available width ~58 - 61 1/2" wide. This also involves moving some wiring but DH says that's ok.

I really like the Lee Valley Pantry Hardware (linked) which fits within a 6' tall x 24" deep x 34" wide cabinet.

To the right of the cabinet, I could have a 24" stack with warming drawer (if that works next to dry storage), deep (30-34") lower drawer(s) and possibly potato and onion storage (again, might not be the best idea next to the warming drawer). I'd love some tall storage above this (to store the OJ squeezer). I can also squeeze in a ~9" broom closet on the back side and an upper cabinet.

I'd love your help in making the most out of this space. What would you do for uppers on the right? Any lighted (lit?) glass cabinets on top? Omit toe kicks?

I figured with a warming drawer, I would need a countertop on which to temporarily place things.

Thanks in advance.


Lee Valley Pantry Hardware:


Here is a link that might be useful: Lee Valley Pantry Hardware

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OldBat - keep working on that fridge area!
In the meantime -that is an interesting contraption - I will defer to others who have used it. The only thing I note - the wire bottoms will make it harder for cans to be stable - so if you use this - consider putting a solid base on the units that hold cans.
How is your snow?

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A2-thanks for the note about the wire. A few more inches last night, looks beautiful outside this morning, all clean again. I'm definitely ready for it all to melt though!

Others-any layout comments, ideas? I'm rethinking the warming drawer, just realized that I might be able to slide is under my MW drawer (DH is going to look into). This way, I could have a slightly larger 27" warming drawer and then no concern about heat from MW affecting dry goods/onions/potatoes.

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I will second the wire shelf thing. I get so annoyed at my son's wire shelves on his new Elfa system. It's why I insisted on a pantry with wood shelves and pullouts. I cannot stand things tipping and falling partly or wholly through the spaces. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

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Love that clean snow look - I think we will get some tomorrow.

If I am reading your plan correctly - you want to put a MW in place of the warming drawer?

I wanted a WD but no room - and then I realized that my oven and speed oven could double for a warming oven.

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A2 thanks for asking, I was not clear. Latest thinking is to move warming drawer out of this stack/ area (into kitchen area, below existing MW drawer, to the right of the ovens).

That said...what can I do with this area? What would you do with this new found space if you could?


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