Penninsula people: I need you

rebeccamomof123February 21, 2013

My penninsula will be 87 inches long. Lots of questions for those of you with Penninsulas (or islands, i suppose):

1.: Will this seat 3 or 4? My contractor is telling me 3 but that seems like a lot of space for only three.

2: Did you do the "step up" counter? I have low ceilings so I opted against it - I also wanted to avoid the super high stools for my three young kids. And, I plan to serve my kids meals there and eat informally with my DH there - and didn't want to be limited to just a narrow strip for plates. Without the step up, we'd have access to the full depth of the counter from our seats. Will I regret not having that seperate counter?

3: Assuming I go with standard, uniform counter height - I plan on a 12 inch overhang. Is that right?

4: I'm starting to look at stools now that demo starts on Monday. Do I want the 24 inch height (again, assuming I don't do the step up).

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I have an island, not a peninsula. Rule is 24' per person, so you can seat 3. You might think about omitting the angled end cabinet for a 4th seat there. I like to sit on a corner to my DH. I really recommend the single counter height. I think the level plane of space is more functional and it sounds like you have many years of school projects that need to be spread out ahead of you.

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it appears little issue with"pinchpoint" at the end of peninsula,so for the limited use of the angled end cabinet,I would have eliminated that and instead planned for overhang and an "end stool' or even 2 stools opposite each other at the end of peninsula. The furthest stool around the back at the wall is an undesirable position for a few reasons. Any way you can eliminate the angled cabinet and create overhang and an end stool,I'd do it. Keep the one height. If children are "assigned" they might line up,4 in a row. But that will be a for an interval in the family's progression,not long term. The end of peninsula can be an inviting spot to land, for a mixture of people,[cook included] ..... socializing/have a light snack/read/plan/waiting for food to be readied/etc.

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Uggh, cabinets (KraftMaid) are all ordered already and delivery is scheduled for 3/15. I wish I had posted about this sooner I guess. I can see about making that change but I might be locked in. Or, maybe I could have the GC do some carpentry to it to make an area for more of an overhang. Also, not for eating so much, but there is a built-in window seat going in direclty behind the penninsula - I think that will be a great nook for coffee, laptop-ing, book.

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depending on the full dimension of the angled cabinet,the back of peninsula over at window can take the angled cabinet as you have a 90 degree angle with back of cabinet and could insert it there,under the overhang. PERHAPS.

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A KD came in and insisted we use a "step up." I'm so glad I didn't use her or a step up. With kids, or parties, having one big space is so valuable! My suggestion - put supports underneath your overhang only where you actually need them. That way you can buy two stools or three, and see how you like them. Definitely start with less than more, to make sure the stools are comfy for kids and adults. Also, you don't want the kids pushing each other off if they feel squished (mine would do that, lol). I thought we'd fit three but went down to two. Our is a 12" overhang I believe. I'd have to measure to make sure. We have the counter stools (bar stools would be for the step up). Good luck!

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I'm no expert on this, but have been following these topics for a while. If I recall, 15" overhang is recommended for counter high stools, 18" for table height and 12" for the higher bar stools. This is meant to accomodate the required knee room to sit comfortably. I'm not sure we are going to be able to spare a whole 15" for ours, but I do get the point and I want the seating to be functional and inviting for longer periods of time so I'll stretch it as far as I can...

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I'm looking at counter stools and the stools I like have the following dimensions: 41.5 " H x 19.0 " W x 19.5 " D
Seat Width: 18.6.

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Steph2000 is correct, 15" is the recommended width for a counter-height overhang.

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41.5" tall would be for a bar stool.

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Molly Phillips

What stools are you looking at, Rebecca? Our peninsula is going to be 84" long and we laid out our three old kitchen chairs just for fun a few days ago when we put the cabinets in - four easily fit. We don't have counters yet so I can't lay plates down to see about elbow room but I'm hoping we can sit our family of four there for informal, quick meals for a few years while our kids are still smaller and taking up less room.

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I was just looking at a basic black Adams stool from Target - the price point was great (I have a red card so it's always free shipping and an additional 5% off) and they were offering 30% additional chairs when you buy 1. The reviews were excellent and I really didn't want to sink another $500 in stools...

The dimensions in the description say 41.5" height but then when you go to order them, you can select "counter height" so I assume the dimensions for that one is lower.

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I just double checked and the counter stool height is 24 inches.

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Lovetodream, I hope that's true - I'd love to get 4 in to our space.

The ones I found at Target (above) are 19 inches wide - which is probably standard? So based on that, it would allow for 4 stools but only leaves 7 inches to spare for elbow room - that's less than an inch per side, per person. Probably fine for kids and their friends but not ideal for adults. I might get the extra stool and leave it against a wall, so it's available to squeeze in as needed. I'll have to wait and see how three fit first.

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