Can you avoid the dead corner in a closet???

brianadarnellFebruary 27, 2011

Hi All,

I am trying to find a system for our closets that avoids dead corners where space is wasted, but I also want to maximize most of the three walls for hanging clothing. Does anyone have any creative ideas or are there any particular closet systems that avoid the un-reachable corner? Thanks!

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I have seen some that had a curved rod for the corners, but that just jams up the clothes on the curve.

Don't get totally hung up on eliminating "dead corners". Take a hard look at what is hanging and see if some of it could be on shelves.

A rotating show rack or other rotating storage in the corners might do what you need.

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There are some similar threads you might be able to search for.

We built floor-to-ceiling somewhat triangular cubbies for my husband to use. The hanging rods on the perpendicular walls then attach to a wall of the cubbies. Though the shape seems a bit awkward, it is quite usable for bulky knit things like sweaters, sweatshirts, underwear that don't have to be folded precisely but take up a fair amount of room. These could also be used for purses or for linens for an adjacent bathroom. It all depends on what and where you have options for storing your clothing or BR closet-type "stuff." We felt that although we wanted the most hanging space, we would end up not enjoying the use of the dead ends, whereas with this arrangment, everything on the rods is facing you and easy to pull out.

You have the option of how much "space" to devote to something like this, as it can be sized as a generous cubby or the smallest that allows a decent opening on the broad side of the triangle to access the interior.

I think there are also options for staggering half-length rods, and of course using a "dead end" for seasonal stuff, long dresses or coats.

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