Okey dokey...help with green exterior paint

sandy523March 17, 2009

We live in a 1930 bungalow. At least I think it's a bungalow. Anywho...last summer we were going to paint the exterior but I could never decide on paint. I even came here and some nice people photo shopped paint on my house. I have found a green house picture that I like on here. How would I go to a store and match it up? Is anyone here so good with paint they have an idea? When I print it out the color does not match what I see on my monitor. Lowes said I could email the picture to them but they're monitors may show a totally different color too.

If I can't hurry up and find a color my husband is going to abandon this project since it's two years in the making. Otherwise I am going to go with beige and white and be done with it.

I'll try to post the link to the picture on the internet and post a pic of my house.

Color I like.

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Honestly? There is an upper bodily fluid that the color reminds me of... even though I know others who've used it. I would go for something lighter and prettier.

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c'mon lucy, that expression of opinion is hardly helpful to answer her question.

Computer monitors definitely vary in how they display color. Sandy, you say you found the green house on here. Do you know who posted the house? If it was the owner, you could do a post alerting them you have a question for them and maybe they'd reply.

Otherwise, paint companies like Sherwin-Williams and Behr have design tools on their websites where you can "paint" a house any of their colors. Since you would be doing that on the same computer monitor with which you are viewing the green house (above), then maybe you could come up with a close match. If you find a similar color, try getting a sample size can/pot and try it out on the house.
Good Luck!

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Thanks Kimkitchy! Actually I found it on Daily Bungalow's blog and photo site. Maybe I should just stick with boring beige and white since I am having so much trouble deciding. I just thought a green would be nice. We have a blue house across from us and a white house beside us.

Lucy I am open to you telling me what colors you would paint it.

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Well, you could use a different green - lighter or even fairly dark, with lots of white trim, or a light brown or yellow, as well as white (if you're prepared to paint again relatively soon :-), and/or a light blue though I find that kind of cold and not very interesting. A salmony color (vs bubble gum pink) can look bright and pretty. What you use for trim can make or break a look too, so consider that - you certainly don't always have to use white - a lighter version of whatever color you pick can set it off too. BTW, looking at the picture today, it looks nicer than I remember it being yesterday - maybe the sun was on my screen or something, but the color now looks softer, bluier, so maybe I should have just shut up to begin with.

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Sandy, I really like the green on that bungalow, but I've always been a green girl. Take a look at Ben Moore kennebunkport green...it's one of their historic colors. We sampled it on our house and really liked it although we ended up going with something else. It looked very "craftsman" which is so appropriate for a bungalow. Monterey white (also BM historic) could be a nice trim color with it. Good luck! I think picking colors is one of the hardest things to do.

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Thanks arlosmom. I will definitely check out those colors. Thanks for the tips and advice everyone. I hope to never have to pick out colors again. I despise it!

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Sherwin Williams' Sage is a pretty green.

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There are actually 2 different shades of green on the house, a lighter shade on the shingles on the top, and a darker shade on the siding on the bottom. That's typical for bungalows or any type of Craftsman house. Why not just go to a paint store, look at the colors they have, and buy the tiny samples to paint on the house to see how you like the colors?

Beige and white can be kind of boring. Green sounds lovely.

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Benjamin Moore's Great Barrington Green. LOVE it.

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Circus Peanut

For a bungalow, why not try the Arts & Crafts color palette from Sherwin Williams?
Ruskin Room Green is gorgeous:

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Oh my yes, go to a paint or home improvement store and look at their displays of coordinating paints. They'll have the trim matches already thought out and suggested.

I don't think you could go too wrong with any one of a number of greens on this. The only green I ever found offensive on a house was one I BOUGHT, lol. It was bright apple green and despite all the really important interior work it needed, painting over that was one of the first things I did. And I painted the whole danged house myself just to get it done.

Your little house is perfect for making a statement with paint. It has very understated basic lines. Nothing wrong with that, but paint and detailing could make a world of difference in making it more interesting and for very little cost.

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Sherwin Williams "Weathered Shingle". It's a greenish brown color that will be more green or more brown depending on the lighting, etc. I have it on my bungalow as the body color and I get a lot of complements. It is part of the historical colors pallet - Diane

Here is a link that might be useful: visualizer

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Hmm. It's been a while back, but I KNOW I posted a picture of our house on this thread. It helped us decide on BM's Great Barrington Green as the main color. (Trim: BM Shaker Beige; Door, BM Country Redwood.)

But it's not here now. That bugs me, so I'm going to repost it and repeat my thanks.

I appreciate all of you that posted pictures and advice on this thread! It helped us choose our colors. LOVE this forum, although I don't visit as regularly as I once did-- too busy working on the house you helped me select!


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Looks very nice! I love it when we get the followup pictures!

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So Sandy, what did you end up doing? I hope you painted it green! (If one more person paints their house beige in my neighborhood, I'm gonna scream!)

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