What can you tell me about the style of this house

etcsdgbMarch 25, 2013

can some identify this house style. I need to get it painted what can you suggest for a color scheme?

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My first instinct is to say white. But off topic, does it look like someone removed larger windows with wide trim and replaced with modern windows at some point? did the missing windows resemble the bottom one on the far right, esp. the top sash? Five windows just doesn't seem right. Intriguing feature on the far left, I feel as though something more was there at one time.

But - interesting house no less.

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It's difficult without knowing where and when it was built but if the shingles were originally natural red cedar and the trim green it might have been the Shingle Style but more likely Colonial Revival.

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I too would go with colonial revival, and put it between 1890 and 1910...and the windows aren't altered, 2 over 2 works for this period, and the lower right is an accent window for the entry hall, I'd gather. I could see this easily painted in a yellow with cream trim as in many style-boooks.

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I love the embellishment under the attic windows, and over the cut-corner on the first floor left. I hope that whatever color scheme you choose, that you highlight those features.

That cut-corner (there may be technical term for it; "cut-corner" is my own purely descriptive term) is somewhat common on houses built in the late 1800s and early 1900s here in Rochester NY.

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If you don't like yellow, which would be my first choice too, how about a pale green with cream trim? You could add gold or red accents. I would, even though this wouldn't be period, use a darker paint at the roof edge to liven up the roof color.

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