Modernizing an old, deep white porcelain double sink in good shap

dreamojeanMarch 28, 2013

Any suggestions for whether and how to keep an old-line, heavy, white porcelain double sink, in great shape, that's one of those with a metal cover that slides across from one side to the other, and is particularly deep on the left side and less deep but still very adequate on the other, and is really heavy? It's resting on an older metal under-sink cabinet and I don't know if it's too heavy to rest on wooden cabinets or if we should keep the sink/metal cabinet unit and modernize around it - or just let the sink go. I am adding a kitchen back to a brownstone and want stainless steel appliances, probably cream or white cabinets and a modern decor that respects the traditional brownstone details and has a bit of a "country kitchen" aspect to it - in other words, eclectic, and on a budget. I love the old huge white sink but am not seeing how it will fit into this modern kitchen. One person suggested getting a higher end stainless steel faucet to modernize the sink. Any other suggestions? I'd love to hear from others who have figured out how to keep an antique and still end up with a nice design, or who have let the old sink go to make the design work better. Thoughts?

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Here is a pic of the sink

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Nice sink. You could easily build a wooden cabinet to fit it, and keep the freestanding look of it.

If the cabinet is 3/4 plywood with appropriate framing around the top and in the corners, it can hold a lot more than that sink.

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You should get a new sink and give that one to me. Just let me know when you toss it and I'll come get it.

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I think you could probably augment the structure of any sink cabinet that it would fit it just by beefing up the insides with plywood and 1x4s.

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Nice sink.

A new faucet would modernize it nicely.

Then get a cabinet that fit's your design.

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