Found a reasonable alternative to custom shelves.

wendy2shoesFebruary 13, 2013

I purchased these sliding shelves from Bed Bath and Beyond. With 20% off coupons, they ended up around $50.00 apiece. I have seven now, in all my lower cupboards. No more squatting or kneeling to get things out of the back.
They really encouraged me to de-clutter as well. Those big old pyrex mixing bowls are banished to the "student cupboard" in the basement. I much prefer plastic nesting bowls, with measurement markings and non-skid rings.
My Hubby had no difficulty installing these, other than a few grunts and groans. A battery operated drill for the guide holes makes the job easier.

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Kitchen contractors use these. Good to know your handy husband could DIY.

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I love them; I installed two in my bathroom.

You mean that's what husbands are suppose to do? Mine can't change a light bulb.

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You can't possibly think a man can change a light bulb... it takes 3 men to do that. LOL

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How many men to change out the empty roll of TP? Don't know; never has been done! LOL.

Okay, to the subject at hand...these slide out racks are fabulous. I put some lighter weight baskets in my mothers pot/pan/stuff cabinet. I did the first one and she said that was probably enough, so I just told her "trust me". It took four, and was just the bottom shelf. I liked the result so much I did the upper shelf too. A couple of days later she asked me if I could do the rest of the cabinets!

I came across a similar sliding rack at Sam's Club just before Christmas. $19.99!!! It has a second, narrower shelf that is 1/2 the width of the lower rack, and can fit under the sink. I got one and took it home to make sure it would fit in some of my other cabinets too, and realized I don't HAVE to add the top rack. Bingo! Went back to the store, took all 7 left, and then drove to another store that had more. They also can be mounted on the wire rack shelving that Sam's and Costco carry.

They are not listed on the Sams website. It apparently was one of those one-time deals. You could call your local store to see if they have any. The store that still had them in December is in Frederick, MD. The item number is 532331.


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