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jacioMarch 13, 2009

Thanks to all on this forum for such amazing advice and direction. I discovered the Sears catalog http://www.searsarchives.com/h...6/1921_9030-7030.jpg. I have a 1924 bungalow in San Rafael, CA and am now addicted to finding out everything about it. I am not clear it is a kit, based on all the wonderful on line posts from Rose Thornton, however, the floor plan of the Clyde, Sears Honor Bilt No. 9030 is an almost down to the inch is an identical match. My question to all out there-whether or not i have a kit house: My neighbor's house looks just like this spec from Sears. A prior owner of my home covered the wood siding with stucco. Sad. I would love ANY suggestions, criticism, direction on how to bring my lovely house back to it's glory. Not sure if i can afford to, or should remove the stucco, may just on the porch/facade? I know my place once looked like this Sears kit home after replacing the porch lantern....can see the shipboard type planks under the stucco. Looking forward to seeing/hearing anything from ya'll. Thank you in advance!

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The URL for the sears catalog doesn't work. It helps if you put a URL in the Link box provided for it below so we don't have to cut and paste and you can tell if it is good in the preview.

It would also help if we could see a photo of the house.

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I think home "improvements" exhibit a variation of the Pareto Principle. Eighty per cent of them are garbage. A category into which "stucco-ization" ranks near the top. But let's see a photo.

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for the life of me i cannot figure out how to post a photo to this site. as soon as i do i am so happy to share. Thanks to all for your feedback!

the link to sears, which worthy was so kind to paste is listed below. worthy-you and i are born a day apart! i'm dec 2.

Here is a link that might be useful: sears catalog 1921-1926

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there is a snap of my home here. the link field within this site will not post this.

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Assuming the stucco is solidly adhered, it's economically more sensible to work with it than removing it. Those pipes at the front certainly don't add anything of value.

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worthy! how did you get that photo in here?!
Yes, the lovely metal pipes that are my stair railing and an overhang with corrugated plastic roofing...sigh. So I was thinking to remove the stucco just on the porch facade-add craftsman style pillars, and railings a new garage door and stone work instead of those concrete covered - there is brick underneath - planters. The current porch has terracotta tiles over goodness knows what. The porch is the reason for the face lift. the tiles are cracking and pulling away from the house-don't want any water damage. downspouts are being replaced with rain chains so i can catch the water for our garden. Thanks for posting, worthy!

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If you remove the stucco from the front, you will have to re-side and figure out how to protect the transitions to the stucco from future water entry.

What's wrong with the garage door?

(Hot linked your pic. Generally frowned on. But the free directs from this site to the other should make them happy. They can always block it if they want.)

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the garage door has dry rot from bottom up...maybe replacing the entire door or just panels. also, does not close at the top-because it is too big for the opening. I'm in Toronto for work right now and grateful for all of your advice. will type more soon. thank you!

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I live in new orleans - I have an old house - contractor want to `. wash, scrape, fix loose board & paint house - I need to know what type of paint should I use, and should the porch be included in the job/ The cost which he want to charge me 9K for two different paint, but I want three. 1.beige for house - 2.white for window - 3. green for shutter. please help does it cost more for an additional color

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