Christmas by the Month - February!

jamie_mtFebruary 1, 2005

Well, here we are - can you believe it's Feb. already? Sheesh...where did January go? Hmmm...

I guess it's time to start getting things done's my christmas projects for this month:

- At least one afgan square per week (for my dad's christmas afghan)

- Write a quip for my christmas newsletter for February (Sylvia, I posted my Jan. quip on the Jan. thread)

And that's it! Part of my "plan" for christmas this year is getting birthday and other holiday presents done early so I have *time* to do christmas presents early as well. So I have lots of birthday, father's day and mother's day gifts that I'll be working on this month as well as a couple baby gifts for friends...but if I do one afghan square per week, I'll at least get started on my christmas gifts as well. :-)

So who's next? What will you do for Christmas '05 this month?

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I made my first test mittens (flat knitting), and now I'm testing a pair of mittens knit in the round (using circular needles), and the first one came out great. I know I can use the same pattern for my stepdaughter and daughter-in-law. It doesn't take very long, and because we all live in colder parts of the States, I'm sure they will be used.

I think I'll of make a beret for my sister-in-law. I need to start on my mother's vest.

I also want to reorganize gift wrap and ribbon and such. That will be part of my organizational efforts in the basement, which is cold right now. I think I can bring it all upstairs and organize it there.

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GO through stuff I have and see what else I need to buy for kids. Make lists of everything I want to buy and make and start watching for sales.

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I just paid my bills. I think the best thing I could do for Christmas this year is find a better job. I think it's time to put that on the TO DO list. I have so many ideas of what to do, like frame a painting and set it aside for Christmas, but the $45 for the frame is just not there. So it's official: I am job hunting.

*continue with dishcloth car knitting
*continue with felted flower pins
*flared lace smoke ring, 30 minutes 3x a week

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I missed the January thread.
(I haven't been very active on this with my recent pregnancy and all)

What I did:
* Updated the gift sheets and filled in a few ideas for next year.
* Weeded through the ornaments as I packed (that resulted in some little things that I can transform and give for the church charity bazaar).
* Wrote down a few decorating ideas for next year (but have a few more).
* Bought a box of cards for the next couple of years.

And I have a couple of gifts (and gift bags that I decorated) ready (that I didn't give).

This month I'd like to:
* choose a verse and type and print it for our cards.
* write down the rest of my decorating ideas.
* maybe work a little on cards and crafts for the bazaar.


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Bringing this to the top as a reminder, since we're half-way through the's everyone doing? :-)

So far, I've done three chenille squares...haven't found anything very "quippy" to write for the newsletter yet though.

Anyone else have progress to report?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of the squares.

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Let's see. One facecloth is done, another is about at the halfway point. Cast on for the smoke ring and it is not a portable project, the chart is complex, it is on hold. A pair of socks for my sister is on the needles, they are nearly to the heel flap.

We are in the throes of college audition season for The Diva so almost every weekend of February has involved travel.Two more weeks, one more trip, and I'll be able to get back on track.

I haven't started jobhunting yet.

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We do not have much of a Christmas. House too small and not much family. I did organize my wrapping papers, tags, cards and ribbons all in one suitcase. I even put some gift boxes and tins in the case.A couple of small gifts I have picked up.

I am not sure if this is against organizing rules or not. I store a lot of things in suitcases and label the handles. I like the older ones best. The ones that there really is a top and not the ones that divide in the center when you open them. We have the old beds high in the air so the suitcases fit under them nicely.

I keep Christmas everything in them and then photos in one and cross stitch in one and crochet in one. Someday I hope to make the sort of ugly cases pretty again but since they are under the bed they are fine and I am spending my energy still organizing. You know after awhile organizing becomes addicting. LOL

This house is 600 SQ FT smaller than the house we had . I had to purge like crazy and be creative in my furniture placement to get it all in here. Feels great.


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