Wallunit/Pole System as bookshelves-heard of these?

pepnicFebruary 16, 2008

I am building a system of bookshelves in my home office for design binders, heavy text books, periodical collections, etc.

Short of spending the high dollars for a custom fabrication, I have not found much in stores or online that offer the flexibility, strength, and style that I am looking for.

I have found a manufacturer in California that makes a pole mounted shelving product that appears to give me these things; however, I cannot find information (other than vague statements) about the load bearing capacities of these shelves. I would also like to see the shelves 'in action' if I could; otherwise, it would be nice to hear from people that might have experience with this manufacturer's products.

The name of the manufacturer is ISS Designs (Infinite Storage Solutions, issdesigns.com ), and I'm wondering if anyone here has heard of them or might have their shelves in their home or business. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Here is a link that might be useful: ISS Designs Home Page

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I had never seen anything like this before but I love the pole mounted units. They seem so rental friendly and easy to move from one place to another. I'd also like feedback from others regarding this system.

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Why not just call the company and ask how much weight the shelves will take (within a small space, and also spread over a longer shelf). But I would think that a system with supports directly under each shelf (between them) would be most likely to take the most weight, plus if you DIY, you are in control of materials re size, thickness, etc.

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Thanks Marie and Lucy.

Yes, I will call them tomorrow to find out about weight, but I am really looking for customer reviews as well. From the gallery of pictures, it appears to me they will probably not have a problem with the weight. Would be nice to get an objective opinion, though.

I will post back with any info I glean.

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