Prioritizing chores by the space they free up

talley_sue_nycFebruary 26, 2011

Now that I'm more productive at home again, I'm looking at all the household-improvement/maintenance tasks.

And my experience with installing the trash pullout and the microwave grid is that I killed TWO birds with each single stone. My trash pullout is working, AND I got rid of the big box that was holding it, waiting for me to get around to it. The microwave looks better, AND the box holding the grid is gone.

So i've decided that these are the tasks to concentrate on:

-install shelf liner in cabinet over fridge (will eliminate boxes of shelf liner from my closet)

-make curtains for kitchen (will eliminate bag of fabric from my closet)

-hem all 3 pairs of new pants (will eliminate bag of pants from the DR chair)

-install sheers in DR window (will eliminate curtain rod & sheers from corner in my bedroom)

-install dividers in utensil drawer (will eliminate drawer divider kit from triangle closet)

I've been amused at myself, how jazzed up I am at realizing that I accomplished TWO things.

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I hear ya, loud and clear. I got so tired of walking around the box, I finally installed the new printer I bought 6 months ago, just so I could get rid of the box! And the best part, other than having a super-duper printer, is that there is nothing that goes in the empty floor space!


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I have been on a self-discipline campaign not to start another project until a previous one is finished. And by start a project, I'm talking about the fun part involving buying and bringing home stuff.

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Graywings--I went through that a while ago!!

Right down to the "the fun part involving buying and bringing home stuff."

It really was a self-discipline campaign for me. I found I was happier, bcs there weren't undone projects nagging me. I wish you great luck on that.

I fear I might be slipping back into that; I bought wire and a plug today so that someday soon I can attach them to the light-bulb socket in the basement storage bin. But so far, they're small, and I *did* put the pieces away in the right place.

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Funny, I am just sitting here trying to decide what to do today, and this is exactly the conclusion I am coming to.

I need to change the furniture in my bedroom, and I could go out looking for the new piece I need - or address what I am going to do with the old one and get started on the sub-agenda, which is paint and trim installation.

I decided NOT to go shopping just yet.


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