Replacement Mortise locksets

fredsoldhouseMarch 18, 2009

I will soon be replacing some interior doors that do not need to lock. The old doors have mortise locksets with a skeleton key and a face plate about 7â x 2.25âÂÂ.

Side note: The doors arenâÂÂt worth saving. Stripping off the many layers of paint and varnish would be too expensive to send out ( I think over $300 each), too much work to do myself, and the end product would be nothing special. Some old homes were built with high quality items that are worth saving. My old house was build by someone of more modest means.

I would like to keep the old look of these locksets but not spend big $ on new replacements. The existing locksets are quite worn, most of the copper plate has worn off and they have their share of paint on them.

Does anyone know of an inexpensive replica of that style available anywhere. IâÂÂd like to believe someone has made up modern lockset that fits in a standard round hole with a faceplate that simulates the old rectangular plate but with a fake keyhole just for looks.

Genuine replacement mortise locksets are too much $$.

I could mortise new doors and install the old locksets but they donâÂÂt look nice anymore.

I imagine having them re-plated would also be too much $$.

Any ideas or similar experiences?

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Check Rejuvenation hardware. They should have something that should meet your needs. There are other places as well, but that's one that I've used and been satisfied with.

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I checked Rejuvenation hardware out. They have some wonderful items. But... at $120-160 each they are more than I would like to afford for this project. Any other sources that are less expensive?
Has anyone tried to send the existing hardware out to be re-plated?

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