T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods sale Jan 22

blanche65January 21, 2009

Maybe it's too little too late, but (from the Boston Globe's web site):

January 21, 2009 01:20 PM

Framingham discounter TJX Cos. tomorrow is holding its long-anticipated "Customer Appreciation" sale related to the massive consumer data breach that compromised as many as 100 million accounts.

The one-day promotion, advertised today for the first time, gives customers 15 percent off their entire purchases on Thursday, excluding gift cards and layaway purchases. The sale is being held at all of the company's stores. TJX operates T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and A.J. Wright.

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woo-hoo. I know where I'm going tomorrow. :o) Thanks!

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me too!! last one there is a rotten egg!

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Is this at all the stores? Everywhere, or just Boston?

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Big thanks and big hugs for that tip. I'm setting my alarm clock!

*They just reduced sale items on their racks again last weekend. Look for BIG savings whe you see a yellow sale sticker pasted over a red sale sticker. Add another fifteen percent off at check out and it would be like getting it at less than cost. Woot!

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I'm heading to Marshalls and T.J. Maxx today, thanks.

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Thanks for the info!

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Ahhhh, why did you have to tell me this? Gotta go....

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Darn, I was just at TJ Maxx yesterday and bought DD a gorgeous pea coat, and a new duffle bag for today's ski club trip!

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I just got back from TJ's and HomeGoods and I going back tonight. Thanks for the info. I am there all the time but had no idea, would have been bummed to find out to late.
Thanks again

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Went today- didn't find anything good- such a hit or miss- I'm so bummed!

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I went to Home Goods today and bumped into a forum member..... Mustangs. She was there too because of the original post.

Not only did I save the 15%, I got another 10% off by applying for a store credit card.

Many thanks to Blanche for the info.

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Thanks for the heads up. I've been looking for an 8x11 area rug and found one there. I got $150 off so the $599 rug cost me $350. Whooohooo. Now, I just hope it works in my room. I'll know later when DH gets it out of the car and I unroll it.

I'm going back tomorrow because they'll be hanging up alot more rugs that just came in. I won't get the sales, but oh well. I want to ensure there's not a nicer one for the taking.

I applied for the credit card and got the extra 10%. Though I hate having another card, I couldn't resist the extra savings.

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I just got back from TJMaxx, too. I couldn't let myself shop in the home goods area because we're moving soon, and I have no idea how I will want the new house. Bummer. I did score some good spring tops, though. Thanks for the 15% off info! I don't think they've ever done this before, and don't recall it being advertised.

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It was my pleasure! I decided to skip this sale because I didn't have the day off and I wasn't near my usual HomeGoods. The sale was not well publicized, so I was hoping that getting the word out would result in some great bargains for a few people and that I could celebrate vicariously.

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Saw this just in time! Had a bit of time before I had to be somewhere so I stopped in at Marshalls. Needed new bed pillows. Had a $14 store credit. Walked out with 2 Sealy pillows for $2.09 after the 15% off. Works for me! (I'm sure I could've found something more expensive in the store to really take advantage of the 15% off, but there's nothing I needed. ('Wanted'--that's a different story!)

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Hey thanks for enabling me today! I also got another hooked on HomeGoods! She and I took a quick field trip at lunch to HomeGoods and had 15 minutes to shop- the rest was driving!I went after an apothecary jar to house my teeny tiny flea market finds and artifacts, like the one frenchdressing showed on the apothecary jar thread. It had been bugging me and I had to get one! 15% wasn't much on my 12.99 jar but it was a fun way to spend a lunch hour and I couldn't go tonight because I had a meeting.

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It's fun to read what everyone found there today. I hope more went and will chime in what they found.

My Homegoods is an hour away, and I just couldn't find the time in my day to run up there, after all. So I too will live vicariously thru what others found. LOVE the bargains some of you scored. Woo-hooo!! :o)

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OK. I'll tell. I wasn't going to as I did not want to be boring.

I only shopped for what I needed. I scoured the sale rack for the things already reduced twice. I got a pair of pink/black fleece PJ bottoms with french poodles for $1.70. Thats cheaper than Goodwill! I got a rust colored pair of lounge pants that look sort of like teeny tiny terrycloth loop for $2.55. Woot! They look good enought to wear out of the house. Also, two pair of black cotton stetch yoga pants that are rather tight for $4.25 each and I will wear as long underwear around the house under jeans or skirts because it is so cold. I had planned on going there to buy long underwear anyway but the ones they had were marked down to $10. The yoga pants are better and cheaper. I also got a pair of teal/orange stripe yoga pants. (Last year's "in" color.) They were not marked down in the clearance rack but Marchalls 'regular' price. I got them for $11. They were worth it. They look and fit great. Those ones I am going to wear to my yoga classes at the Rec Center.

Then I got a pair of King size Ralph Lauren Plum with gray pinstripe, pillow cases for $4.25. They have a big ruffle at the edge and look very feminine. I love them. I use King size pillows even though I have a Queen size bed. Impulse purchase. It was not on my 'need' list.

Three different knit hats $4.24 each. Nice ones too. I looked for gloves because mine are worn out and thin, but they only had the crappy, "dressy" ones left. Nothing warm. Did not luck out with gloves and they are on my "need" list.

A box of four huge bars of spice scented soap for $1.70!!! Real soap not those detergent bars. I have psoriasis and cannot use the junky chemical stuff. The box had a St. Nick design, hence being in the sale bin.

A bottle of Archive Essentials Body Lotion Shea Butter - 9 oz. for $1.70. This is good stuff ladies. All natural ingredients like, cucumber, carrot, almond, ect. No junk. It is so hard to find anywhere, and here, not only did I come across it, it was so CHEAP. Woot. Woot. Woot.

Two pair of Calvin Klein knee socks for $6.80. I know the CK ones will last, and not get holes in them in two months like the cheapies do.

A Celtic(?) or Mediteranean cross wall art for :drum roll: only 70. Plus I nabbed a wind chime for $6.80. One of the really nice ones, not the dollar store junky ones. This one is all copper and has a good sound. Impulse purchase. Not really "impulse" though, I fretted about the decision to buy it for an hour while I shopped and tried on yoga pants. The tag claims they are sold for $90 elsewhere. I want to run out and hang it in my garden but the snow in my back yard is up to my thighs right now.

Since all the items I bought were so low priced and marked down a couple of time already, I only saved dimes on each item with the extra fifteen percent off but that paid for my gas to drive out there. Woot!

I was surprised that the stores were not mobbed. They were fully staffed at the check out and service desk and I notice a bevey of what looked like corporated bosses running through the store in a group. And here is a big surprise..........When I was browsing the furniture area a man came over and asked if I needed help in that department! That is a first. He worked there and was tending to all the furniture rearranging it and fluffing things. He even asked if I had any questions about the furniture and started showing me chairs and the bottom tags that said they were 'Made In America' - not China. They never had floor sales people before. He said they had guys to carry things to the front of the store and out to your car. What? Like a regular furniture store? I think they were staffed for a mob scene like a Black Friday event. I noticed a lot more employees dusting and rearranging shelves like they had them assigned to a department for customer assistance.

How were the other stores? Crowded? Chaotic? The same as always?

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I did not think there was one near me. I looked Home Goods up last night after this posting and found there was one in a direction I normally dont go. But I was due for a root canal today and figured I would not be up for shopping; would just have to take some pain pills and rest. I had 3 shots of Novocain. The root canal went well, and I thought, "Heck! Im not feeling any pain, Ill go! Ill go right away before I can decide that this is a bad idea".

I went in knowing I needed some lamp shades and came out 2 hours later with 3 lamp shades (clearance), 2 cute skinny buffet lamps with red shades, and a clearance lamp that was missing its shade. Plus jelly, kitchen utensils, a wreath, and some dried flowers.

I think knowing that I might be slammed at any moment with monumental pain made me more decisive. I wont know until tomorrow whether those were all bad, drug induced decisions. The drugs wore off on my way home, so I left my stuff in the trunk to unload tomorrow, took some pills and went to bed for a few hours. I wonder what Ill think when I open the trunk?

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"I don't think they've ever done this before, and don't recall it being advertised."

This was not really a "sale". It was intended to be part of the settlement for the class action lawsuit against them. A judge then ruled they would not accept the sale as part of the settlement, but they went ahead with the plans anyway cutting the sale days down from three to just one. They did not advertise it as a "sale". I think they wished people would not show up for it. Even the employees discount they offer is only ten percent, so offering fifteen percent on anything and everything, is a big bargain and I do not believe this will ever be repeated. We were part of history! We were there!

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Thanks for posting this. I ran last night after work and got several things I needed!...translation, several thing I really did not need, but hey, sucha deel!
I did get 4 fab looking place mats in suede for the new kitchen table we're building. A kitchen Aid hand cheese grader, a candle, some room spray, and another bamboo cutting board...Ah, all things I could not live without!
Like hubby says..."Put it on Sale and my wife will buy it, no matter what it is!" haaa....

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Thank you so much for the info! I bought a large, 24" fleur de lis finial for my entryway floor for only $22.00! The same exact finial was in Art and Artifact for $124.00. Gotta love it!

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Thanks for the heads up.

I see that MonaBlair already posted that we ran into each other at Home Goods. That visit was certainly the highlight of my trip.

I am in a "do no harm" mode as I cull out and Freecycle all that I can so I had to use great restraint to come away with no purchases.

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I saw the ad in our local newspaper. I got two great bargains! A camel colored wool peacoat that was marked down to $39 and a pair of ski/snowboard pants for my son that were originally $200 and marked down to $39. And I got the extra 15% off and the 10% for the card. Fun fun fun! My son was impressed with the pants, too!

I love bargains!

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Is no one impressed that I drove 25 minutes each way in traffic to HomeGoods and in 15 minutes picked out and paid for my apothecary jar(oh and some candy)?? sniff sniff. I'm just hurt.We even made it back in time for a meeting. Now that was some speed shopping ladies! I normally spend hours there. LOL!!

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Thanks for posting this! I saw it too late to try to go at lunch. I only had time to go to one tj maxx on my way home from work (homegoods is farther away). But I found an end table that had been marked down from $99 to $49, and the extra 15% off made it about $45 after tax. It has a few small chips on the rim but I will just touch those up with some stain or paint (and will probably try to darken the whole piece anyway). Ironically I was eyeing that end table last month, then it was gone; i wonder if somone chipped it when they were trying to get it in their house, and then returned it.

Other than that I just bought some small things from the food section -- a fancy cake mix and frosting mix that I"ll send to a friend as part of her bday gift, and garlic flavored olive oil for myself.

The store wasn't crowded at all (around 8 pm). But most of the customers looked like folks coming home from work, and it wasn't the usual crowd (a lot more couples & men than I usually see in that store).

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Cooperbailey, You really did good! I'll bet you have Christmas shopping down pat.

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Some of your deals make me think of the Ikea commercial in which the woman leaves the store yelling to her husband, "Start the car! Start the car!" as if she got a "steal"!
wall art for 70 cents? Too funny!

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Garlic flavored olive oil, fancy cake mix, pure silk cuffed sheets, professional toenail clipper, Liz Claiborne flannel pajamas, biscotti, houndstooth ottoman for my doggy to use to look out the window, chocolate alligators, running socks, fingertip vegetable peeler, flexees camisoles, roasted yellow peppers, cozy brown velour hoodie, and I don't know what else. I haven't even brought it all in from the car.

Thanks to the OP! I will be sending you a bill for 10% of my total purchase, a reverse finder's fee! :)

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Didn't make it to any of the stores mentioned, just my local Big Lots. All Christmas merchandise was 90% off, and I didn't need a thing...just some beautiful gift boxes. They were priced regularly at $6.00 and I got them for 60 cents each. They were available in gold, silver, or red with a scroll glitter design.

Next year I won't have to worry about having enough boxes, and all i'll need is ribbon! (it takes very little to make *me* happy) ;o)

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Thanks for the head's up! I got two cute little wooden stools that I'd been looking for (can use them as end tables) and two little mirrored tables. All 15% off!

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