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cerajeanFebruary 9, 2011

I need to permanently label six Rubbermaid totes for my church (the janitors have sticky fingers). I know "permanent" markers can be removed. My ladies guild would appreciate any ideas. Thank you

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Paint it on using a stencil?

Black sharpie marker?

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What's the tool that people use to burn/carve on metal? Some sort of pen-like tip that gets hot. It would work on the plastic, even if it would be unsightly.

Or, something metal you could heat up like a brand.

Or use a pen knife or an X-Acto, and carve.

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The tool is called a woodburning tool. A soldering iron would also work. Test on a small area to see how much working time you have before melting through the plastic.


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I'm not sure that anyone who is going to steal from a church is going to be deterred by a label but I'd use a stencil and spray paint designed for plastic. Most ordinary plastic bins have pretty thin walls and any kind of burning might melt right through the plastic.

Might make more sense to talk with the minister about a secure place to store your stuff or it might make more sense to invest in a lockable cabinet? A simple particle board free standing cabinet is about $100. I would imagine you could find a handy church member to assemble it and add a simple hasp to secure your stuff.

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