Does a pull button doorbell always connect to one of those butler

threeapplesMarch 26, 2013

style bells inside the house? I am building a new old house and love the charm of these, but wondered if the pull button requires a real bell mechanism inside or of it can activate a chime. Thanks.

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Friends with a '20s Tudor had a pull-button that connected to a lever that pushed a door button about 8-10 up the wall -- so it appeared to be a pull-button, but was actually a standard doorbell with a fancy push apparatus.

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Many pull buttons are just low voltage electrical switches that activate any low voltage electric bell or chime anywhere in the house. Mine is from 1891.

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Are you referring to something purely mechanical like mine, or something wired?

There's one for sale at the local salvage place for $150 with all of the components.

Here's the bell apparatus from the inside. The outside is a knob on the left side of the door frame (it's a Baldwin knob I reconfigured to re-use the original post, etc. inside but still be able to match the new door hardware, but it used to be either brass or bronze).

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Kevin, you have the coolest place.

I'd love something like what you've got, Kevin, for our back door, but a regular chime for the front. I'm wondering if I can get a chime activated by a pull-button apparatus instead of a push-button. Maybe that will be awkward for people though. What I really want is something that doesn't seem contemporary. Our exterior hardware is from Rocky Mountain Hardware in a brass-ish color, but made of bronze. It's not the most Georgian thing, but it works with our multipoint system. Anyway, I don't know if I should just get one of theirs, maybe a simple circle or rectangle, or try to find something really cool and historic looking.

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