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vjrntsMarch 5, 2010

We've done the fun parts of our old house; painting, refinishing floors, new kitchen. Now it's time to install new water service from the street to the house. We still have the old galvanized steel from 1922 running into the basement and if we had less water volume we'd be hauling it from the creek in buckets. If I'm watering the garden, the toilets don't refill.

Soooo, time to do it. My question: the house has had its supply pipes (piping from the basement through the walls to the kitchen and bathrooms) replaced with copper sometime in the past. The waste pipes are still original. Are we going to have any problem with the old waste pipes when we finally have not only water pressure (which we have now) but some volume as well?

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Waste water is not under pressure so additional volume shouldn't add stress to the system unless there are undetected partial clogs in the sink tub and shower lines before they reach the main waste stacks. The stacks shouldn't be an issue since when you flush a toilet the volume will be same as it was before.

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That's what I thought. Just wanted to anticipate any problems.

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It won't cause any new problems, but it may expose some old ones. You may have never had enough water flowing to know your tub "drained slow" etc.

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The new copper line to the street was laid yesterday. If anyone in the Rochester NY area is looking for a recommendation, contact me through GW. These guys were on-time, neat, polite and competent.

Aaaaand, now we have water!!! Billl, you were right about those slow drains (one slow drain anyway) but I don't care! We finally can use the third floor shower, we can flush a toilet while the washing machine is filling. This is wonderful. I wish we hadn't waited so long!

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