Closet Maid Closet Track and Elfa

graywings123February 13, 2005

I read on another board that the Elfa accessories fit on the Closet Maid Closet Track system. Has anyone tried doing this?

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I guess not. Guess I will have to try it myself.

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I don't know about Elfa. I do know that the shelf standards I bought at my local lumber yard *look* at first glance to be like Closet Maid.

But they are not--there's the teeniest difference in dimension, and the brackets from one won't fit in the other.

So I think you're smart not to assume they'll match.

(I didn't want to answer earlier, because I didn't have any direct experience, and I wanted your question to float at the top for a while so everyone could see it).

Good luck!

Where are you using your Elfa/Closet Maid set-up?

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I know what you mean about something being the teensiest bit off. I made that mistake once when I bought two different brands of wall organizers that looked identical.

I have a laundry closet in the kitchen - 8 feet wide and 9 feet high. Right now there is just one shelf in there, so I am missing out on a lot of potential storage area above that shelf. I am going to install the Closet Track as soon as I finish another project I am working on.

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that sounds really smart.

I know that Elfa has tons of wire drawers, shelves, etc.; I'm wondering of Closet Maid does. You might not need much variety--simple shelves may be enough for you (esp. once the money factors in).

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Someone on this forum posted pictures of her fabulous laundry room and she had a little shelf running across the top of her top loading washer and dryer. I don't remember if the shelf was above the lid, but it struck me that you could put a 6 inch wide shelf along the wall along the top of the machines. What a great place to put detergent and other useful things. Easy access. I wish I knew what that thread was called. Perhaps someone else can post a link to that thread.

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I like that idea--I think we often forget how much will fit on a skinny shelf.

Then you can put deeper shelves farther up.

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