Water in the basement, and other joys of the day

Julie_MI_Z5February 5, 2006

My plans for the afternoon have changed... we had a ton of rain yesterday, followed by snow, and there's water coming in from under the basement wall this morning. DH is, of course, gone for the weekend.

Now I'm going to spend my afternoon cleaning up the family room down there and getting ready for DH to rip down the drywall so we can have the basement-fixer company out to fix the walls under the drywall.


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Julie, I can relate! Our basement gets water on a regular basis and we've just given up on using it for anything more than laundry and off-the-floor storage. There's nothing worse than sodden carpet and drywall.

Last month we had a combination of torrential rain, temps hovering in the 30's, and a power outage. DH and I were outside at 3:00 in the morning in the sleet and freezing rain with flashlights firing up the generator to keep the basement sump pumps going. Not something I'd care to do again any time soon.

Take your time with the clean up, get a portable fan up and running, try not to stress too much, and remember this too shall pass -- or, at least dry out! I hope your DH gets home early to help you.

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Years ago, we had a flood in a basement of a house we owned. I had most of the papers I had been saving in boxes on the floor in the basement. That made for an easy purge since most of it was not in any condition to be kept. Thank goodness, my most important personal and house "must keep" papers were in the safe.

I feel for you, Julie. It really is not something that anyone wants to go through.

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