Weekend Plans?

kittiemomFebruary 26, 2005

My big weekend plan, which was to put beadboard in my bathroom, have been changed. DH told me last night that he needs to work. He has a project that needs to be finished that got delayed due to him being out sick & a couple of other more urgent projects that he had to work on.

So now my plans are:


*Straighten den, bedroom & kitchen

*Work on craft room (I've decided to let go of some of my craft supplies)

*Maybe tackle the hall closet

What are your plans?


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Finish the FAFSA. Taxes are done.

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In between 5-6 basketball games (between 2 kids) I hope to do the following:

* Laundry (wash, folded, and PUT AWAY)
* Church
* Go though a hot spot or two and clear it

Greta, what do you do with the craft supplies you no longer need/use? I just inherited a bunch of craft stuff, but will not use. Preschools? Senior Centers? Goodwill?

Have a good weekend e1.


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I've painted one side of my old (1910) clawfoot bathtub. (It'll be flipped over so I can paint the rest next week.) I'm not happy with the gold feet, so I'll redo those. But first I'm chipping away at paint prep in the living room: washing window frames and removing books from shelves. Baby Steps Nos. 451 and 452. :-)

Maura, if you know of a domestic violence agency or shelter and have some child-appropriate crafts supplies, I'm sure they'd be most appreciative.


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I have to work today - but at least I am working from home.
So in between my calls, I am doing little things.

1) Laundry
2) Dining room table weekly cleanup
3) Kitchen Junk Drawer cleanup

When I did the junk drawer, I found all these Eggo Waffle coupons I had clipped, that earn you American Airlines frequent flier miles. Nice bonus. So while I sat on these conference calls, I filled them out, and got them in the mail!

It always feels good to just get the little pockets of clutter dejunked. It gives the house better energy, I believe.

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So far, I've hardly made any progress. I spent WAY too much time on the web trying to finalize details for bathroom hardware & fixtures. I've done some laundry & am in the process of going thru some of my floral supplies.

Maura: I usually give any of our donations, from clothes to craft supplies, to our local Boys & Girls home. The gentleman who oversees the donations told me that they first check to see if anything can be used for the kids. If so, that's what it's used for. Other items go in their thrift store, like a Goodwill store. Susan's suggestions of a women's shelter is wonderful. I guess it depends on what the supplies are. The excess I have is mostly silk flowers & other floral supplies. Senior centers are excellent too. I do know that senior centers love to get yarn & fabric, as many of the ladies quilt, knit or crochet.


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LOL What ever happened to Monday Wash Day?? My laundry is on the line too for a little freeze dry. LOL

No real plans for me. I am still recouperating from painting the kitchen all last week. Plan to start on the master bedroom next week so taking a couple days off to rest. Other than the usual pick up and daily stuff.

I am going to work on another mosaic. Oh I did sort through my mosaic tiles and organized them a little better. This is an on going project because they change as I use them up ,get new ones, lay out another project, etc.

So off to play. Chris

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With all the family dramatics going on the last couple weeks, I have gotten way behind on my ebay, which of course means, way behind financially. So I am focusing on ebay this weekend and also conquering "Mount Laundry".


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