Labor Day (Pics Heavy!!!)

dcarch7September 5, 2012

Pork shoulder was on sale for $0.79 a lb

Lobster was on sale for $3.99 a lb

With tomatoes from my garden, Labor Day dinner was not very expensive.

I hope you all had a nice Labor Day Holiday.


Lobster Roe and Tomalley, Appetizer

Lobster Corn Soup

Hot Dog, Heirloom Tomatoes, Ketchup and Mustard

Lobster Heirloom Tomato Salad

Sous Vide Pulled Pork on Beets and Daicon

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Now, that's what I would call a wheatless feast! Your presentation and photos are stunning, dcarch. I would love to have a bowl of your soup for lunch today. Did you serve it hot, cold, or room temp?

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I'd join Ruthanna for a bowl of the soup. Every time lobster goes on sale (like now) I think about making a Bobby Flay recipe that sounds amazing but just seems like too much work for me to get motivated on. Tempting as it is, I think it'll be baked-stuffed again tonight.

I think it was Jimster who said on a thread from a while back how delicious tomalley is. I've never had it because ever since I've been interested there's been an advisory against eating it from northeast lobster due to elevated levels of pesticides and PCBs. Surely one of those "once in a while won't kill you" things, but I still shy away.

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Lobsters are still $12.99 a pound here, so I didn't have those, LOL.

The heirloom tomato salad looks really good to me, my plants are starting to die off from late blight, so they're about done here.


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Lobster tails are ALWAYS expensive in this little Burg.
But there are some they call 'Rock Lobsters'????
They are small, and some folks refer to them as
'Lobbies'. There's not much to them, but they are
tasty. Anyone know any information about them, or
even know what I'm talking about? Forgive me, but
I'm 'Googled out' today.

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What hosta is blooming right allowing you to use it as a garnish?

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lbpod, could it be langostinos? We get those here, they're supposed to taste like lobster, but they don't, not really.


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Is that a hosta flower? Aphrodite maybe? Hosta plantaginea var have lovely white fragrant flowers.

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That's the prettiest hotdog ever! How ever did you squiggle the mustard and ketchup so evenly? It's all beauteaus, again.

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Thank you very much all for your liberal flattering remarks. Holiday cooking is my favorite because food is always on sale.

Ruthanna, The lobster soup was served hot. The recipes is more chowder than soup.

FOAS, Not only that you eat lobster Tomalley so infrequently, each time you eat the most you will be eating would be a couple of spoons. Try it.

Annie, the tomatoes in our area are so good this season, I have not needed to use salad dressings on them.

lbpod, as Annie said, those are langoustines. Crawldaddies taste more like lobsters.

Teresa and agmss15, those are Hosta blossoms. I highly recommend them. Most blossoms are for looks, but Hosta blossoms actually taste good. Very perfummy with a drop of honey at the blossom end.

westsider40, I made a simple scrapper to create that interesting ketchup/mustard pattern.


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I'll have to see if the tomalley is recognizable and separatable when the lobster is raw, since I kill and gut for baked-stuffed. If so, any thoughts on how best to cook it outside of the body? I'll google this as well. Obviously I didn't make this last night, but I'm really hoping for tonight. Last day of the sale; hope they still have some.

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Annie, I have never heard the term; 'Langostinos'.
Obviously Dcarch has, but you both spell them differently.
Best I can recall, there was a small restaurant, north
of here that served you a big platter of them, for a
reasonable price. Personally, I thought they were
quite tasty, but then again, it was years ago, and I
never heard of them again. I LOVE king crab, but never
really cared for lobster.

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Dcarch - I know your garnish is hosta blossoms. My question in my previous post was "What hosta is blooming right allowing you to use it as a garnish?"


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I am not sure what variety is this hosta. I have three kinds in my garden, this one blossoms about a month behind the other three.

It came with the house and grows wild. If I don't eat them iot will takeover the garden.


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