eliminated about 10 inches of paper

talley_sue_nycFebruary 22, 2009

OK, about 4 inches of it was catalogs (and 2 inches was the JCPenney catalog), so maybe that's cheating, but . . .

I spend a few hours going through all the stacks of paper in the bedroom--DH's and mine (paper, as well as bedroom). Filed, tossed, shredded.

There are a few left, and they're DH's, so I have to make him file them away today, so they don't start growing in the corner, like mold!

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That's great. I have a pile of old mahazines on my kitchen table .It's about eight inches right now. It can be gone by this afternoon. Thanks for the inspiration, Talley.

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My magazine/catalog stack is only 3" high. I keep it pretty well thinned out. Fortunately, we have a place nearby that has a magazine/catalog bin for recycling. The amount of paper wasted on catalogs and magazines is awful.

I also try to cancel the catalogs that I don't want.

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doesn't it feel good, i have come to the place to where there are many catalogs and magazines coming in every week here, so i'm sending off a lot of paper every week. I just tear out anything i want to read (unless it is something that i save the entire magazine, like crochet or taste of home) and then the rest leaves as fast as it comes in.

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The best part is that MOST Of it wasn't catalogs, but papers that needed to be filed or tossed. That's the part that stymies me so much.

The catalogs are actually easy.

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Terrific! (But really, the JCPenney catalog nowadays is only a little over an inch thick, IMHO, so don't discount your inch total!! LOL!)

I just recently went through all my crafts magazines, ripping out or photocopying projects I really did like and want to try someday (and those amounted only to about a dozen projects out of 7 or 8 cardboard magazine holders' FULL of magazines). Now I'm passing them along to a neighbor, and then once she's done I'll post them on Freecycle. Feels great! (I've moved all those magazines twice, I believe--next home, they're not coming!)

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I'm good with the catalogs and magazines and have a good handle on other aspects of the organizational scheme. But, like TalleySue, it's the incoming paper that is my biggest challenge. To make matters worse, when I have company, I grab the piles and relocate them to the guest room where they get ignored.

I was doing good with the progressive notebook with dividers system but just--well, I don't know what happened. I really liked the system and even shared it with some friends.

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Yesterday I filled two recycling bins with catalogs and magazines. The town sent around a flyer saying it's ok to put mags and catalogs in with newspapers to be recycled.

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