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bulldinkieFebruary 19, 2012

You know how someone like drs.office calls gives time ,Date you write it on piece of paper,usually lose it.I get a ringed note book every year.Anything I need to remember from dates,times,even a recipe I write it in this book so I know where it is.Made my life alot easier.Its fun to read them later.

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That's a great idea!

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I wanted to say--the biggest thing is that it's *working* for you!

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That is smart, the key for me at work has always been the same thing. At home, I'm less good about it and I don't know why.

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I put it all on a single note in Evernote on my cell phone. But as Tally Sue says, the important thing is for each person to find what will work for them.

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Many years ago our manager gave us each a 5" X 7" spiral journal book and asked that we all use it to keep notes.

So I am on board with your method and have carried that habit to this day. If only I could get DH to STOP writing on any and all pieces of paper--from bills to greeting cards.

*The thing about my manager, later she purchased each of us a Palm Pilot then chastised me for using the journal and said I was resistant to change.

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I tried to use a Palm, using the "grafiti" language, etc., but I found it was just too slow.

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Tally Sue, I agree that electronic lists are slower than paper ones. For me, though, I like that I never lose it and that I always have it with me, because it's right on my phone. It's worth the slightly longer input time, for me.

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I think my problem was I was trying to use it as a notebook.

I haven't built the habit of using my phone or my iPod Touch as an organizer or calendar yet.

I *do* keep notes in the iPod Touch about gift ideas, restaurants we drive by, measurements for something I need to buy, etc.

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What a good idea, I tend to write on scrips & scraps & it adds clutter as well as a lot of lost notes.

I've had palm pilots since they came out but sadly have never used them much for shopping lists or calendar function. I do use it to store the passcode to work alarm, and have a long list of books I want to read so it's handy when I'm at the library or even looking around amazon.com for kindle books.

But it's too small to read for me anymore w/o glasses & much faster to hand write a grocery list than to type on the tiny keys. I suppose if I went to the trouble of typing it on the pc then sync to the phone but that's not really a time saver for me. There are a few shopping templates for palms I've tried over the years & they take so much time to customize it's never been worth it to me, I get impatient I guess.

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