All hands on deck!

maddiemom6February 5, 2006

Well nothing like and abrupt change of circumstance to get a person in *high alert* cleaning mode!. My father needs to come live with me for a month or so till he recovers from Liver surgery and more chemo. We have a large home but there are already 8 of us living here... so while large this is still going to be a space challange.

I am cleaning out my sunroom/sewing/knitting room to make him a little *studio suite* sort of thing.. YIKES I have so much stuff! And that is AFTER taking those 10 containers worth of fabric to donate! I have two large boxes of donations and 3-4 trash bags already filled. But there is still so much to do!

I am really doing my best to go with the flow on this but wow!.. now I have 9 in my house and that includes my MIL and my dad.. *shaking head*

maddiemom, back to cleaning out.

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Maddiemom, you are a much nicer daughter than me! I made it clear to both sides of the family, from the day I was married, that I was *not* suited for home nursing and that I was big fan of rehab centers, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. LOL

You've made great progress so far! Pat yourself on the back and keep on going.

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God bless you, Maddie! Now get to work!! LOL ((maddie))

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Good for you Maddie. I'd have my kids pile on the floors in sleeping bags before I'd let a parent go elsewhere for care.

Since it may be a rather short stay, can you box up the stuff and ask a friend with a garage or something to do some short-term storage for those items you know you want to keep?

Might be easier than trying to find space in the current living areas, when you will be getting that space back.

Julie, be nice to those sons of yours. They get to pick that nursing home you'll be going to. LOL


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So far so good... Tomorrow we start laying the new flooring. The room was ceramic tile and was slated for change anyway, this just moved up the schedule. The tile is VERY cold.. we are putting in a floating laminate floor. I had enough on hand to do the room and it was left over from doing one of our rental duplexes.. so no cost there. I will have to get a seperate heat unit for the room since it's cold back in that part of the house and dad gets cold from being so skinny. Luckily our house is very large and although a pain I have places to stash eveything that I need to move.

Next is going to be some nice heavy curtains for the two sliding glass doors. I would really like to make them and hate to spend the money on curtains but just don't see that I would have time to make any given my time 10 day time table.

We bought a sink today for the bathroom/laundry room. It was something we have needed to do for 3 years.. so I guess it's good but I still need to drill down through a the floating floor, hex tile and mud base... ohhhhh how fun!

maddiemom, making progress

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What is a floating floor?

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Floating floors are not glued or nailed down to what's underneath. The planks/tiles/whatever are connected to each other and simply "float" on the underlayment with a fraction of an inch on every side to allow for expansion and contraction.

Maddie, good luck with your dad and the other seven. Make sure you take care of yourself through all this -- and don't forget that, while this deadline is an opportunity to do some needed remodeling, it also is an opportunity to start enlisting the rest of the family in keeping the household running.

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thanks Steve, I do have lots of help. My son is helping with the flooring and my husband is in charge of getting the whole drilled for the new sink.

Today we go look for drapes and bedding!


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You are a great daughter and daughter-in-law! God bless you for being such a caring person!

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Here's an Alaskan trick if your FIL is finding the bed a bit cold. Rather than an electric blanket or heating pad, put a wool blanket under the mattress pad. Then make the bed as usual.

We've been have 0 degree weather and all of my kids are toasty. It really keeps the bed nice with the natural body heat.

You can do the same for any chair/recliner he may be using a great deal. Pin on the wool blanket and then cover with a sheet. Very comfy seating. It may not be pretty unless you have time to do great seamstress stuff.

If you don't have any wool blankets and want to try it, let me know. I buy tons of them on eBay and they are very nice. I'll send you a couple.


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Gloria!... great trick and I will try it. He gets so cold it just breaks my heart. Now mind you he is VERY cranky right now now so I am not sure anything I could do for him would make him happy but I will do my best!

I scored some really nice denim full length curtains and some rods at the clearance place. Curtains were $18 and the poles were $6 each!.. seems that they have gotten dirty so they sold them off for a SONG! All I had to do was take a baby wipe to them and they were all better. Solid wood with nice finials... I saw ones just like them for $30 each at Lowes ~~~happy dance~~~

Flooring is almost done... the kids are so busy and homeschooling takes up the mornings. But I should have it done by tomorrow afternoon ...I have gotten rid of SO much stuff and having to clear out the room has really given me time to think about how I would like to set it up when it goes back to being my sunroom/craft room/exercise space. It was VERY freeing to get rid of a lot of old crafts... my last albatross is a very large knitting machine with ribbing bed and knitleader.. I know in my heart I am not going to use it again but I really want it to go to somebody who will love it. I think I will put up a notice at my church and see if that gets any responses.


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Maddiemom, you are a great daughter. But I don't know where you get the energy to keep up with it all. Just reading how many things you have going on makes me tired. Actually, I think I'd be tired if I did everything you do and didn't homeschool.

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