I need a challenge

Julie_MI_Z5February 25, 2006

February has been a bad month, no progress. December and January were excellent, but 2 weeks of a cold/flu virus in February set me back. Basic routines have been done, but nothing else. I have a few hot spots, but if you showed up at the door I might let you in. LOL

I need a challenge to get me going! Give me some quick tasks to get me inspired to move forward again.

P.S. Remember my January Rule that nothing new comes in the house during the month of January? February has been pretty much the same--but only because I've been too tired to shop! LOL

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Got your paperwork for taxes together? Hmm. Ok, that's too icky.

What is really living under every bed in your home?

Or how about getting those spring decorations out, purged and cleaned up.


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Thanks, these are EASY ONES!

The tax papers are all piled in a pile waiting for DH to take somewhere (I don't care where, but that's HIS assignment).

There is only dust under 2 of the beds. The third (DS-14) could have a load of laundry under there... I'll have him check this morning while I swiffer under the others.

Spring decoations? LOL There are none that go inside the house and it's at least 2 months too early to do the garden decorations (which are plentiful).

I did make big dents yesterday in the paper clutter that collected on the kitchen counters. I'm not 100% done but I'm 200% improved! I also did the first 2 months of claim forms for my healthcare flexible spending account--which I did not enjoy at all.

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ooh, I hate paperwork.

But I challenge you to eliminate all the loose paper in your house. Countertop, nightstands, dresser tops, etc.

And not just eliminate by moving, but also by doing--filling out forms, filing, etc.

That's what I did last night--a lot, but not all. So....let's see who can finish first?

(that's what I say to my slow-as-molasses son when it's time to get dressed for school)

I have a *mild* head start. Let's check back in Tues or Wed, and see how it's going.

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Papers - I've been going through the kids' papers (I admit, I have trouble getting rid of all of these, so it takes me time to go through them). Cold winter days are good for this kind of going through stuff projects. I have also been going through old photos lately.

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Talley Sue,

Ok, it's a deal! I'm not home much Tues or Wed night, so if I don't finish tonight I'll be working on it in the mornings before I go to work. Countertops and benches (dang those benches!) have paper piles, but the dresser top is clear and I lucked out with a nightstand only big enough to fit an alarm clock. LOL

MUST GO NOW... I've been challenged!!!

Tonight is an unscheduled at-home night, so I'm doing laundry... it's the rule... "If I'm home, I'm doing laundry"

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Quick as a wink, my plans changed. Bye-bye "at home" night. DH got called up to the church to help with something, so now I'm taking DS to basketball.

I switched the laundry... but didn't touch a single piece of paper! LOL Now the clothes will end up sleeping in the washer and dryer since I won't be back until after my bedtime.

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well, i did ONE piece of paper. No, make that 5.

I gave DH the info from the stock-investment place (I was missing a 1099--a whopping $36!, but I didn't want the IRS to audit us bcs it didn't jibe). That's 1.

I tossed out the unused LI Railroad tickets from the transit strike; I'd been keeping them bcs I heard we could get a refund, or else I was going to try to submit them to flexible spending, but they were all dated the same day.....That's 2 (well, it was 4, but they were a block).

I filed the electric bill & the JCPenney bill, both paid but traveling around in my backpack. That's 2.


Oh, no, wait--I tossed 3 pieces of paper from BJ's about renewing my membership (which I did at the store). I'm counting that as 2, bcs they were separated in the backpack.

That's 7!

And I'm having to fit mine in around evenings spent making cupcakes, and fixing stuff up in the house. (we redid part of the bathroom, and I had to put up the shower-curtain rod.

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I worked hard this morning before work for over an hour(just BARELY made it in on time! LOL) and made great progress. Too many pieces to count:

One paper hotspot in the kitchen totally eliminated; all papers trashed, receycled, or filed. This was a 6" pile at least.

One paper hotspot on the kitchen counter reduced to only a few items that need action.

One paper hotspot on the bench also reduced to only a few items that need action. Might have to combine that with the other reduced pile to get everything in one spot.

All paper gone from the living room except the TV guide.

All loose paper gone from my purse and car (I did those at lunch today).

Only one negative: One small pile of papers moved to my otherwise paper-free bedroom dresser until I figure out where to file them.


I still have to do my not-at-home evening routine so I doubt I'll touch paper since there's only an hour until my bedtime.


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Ok, I attacked my traditional hot spot, which of course is right with my control journal. Got a few things off in the mail which I just really didn't want to do and of course it only took a few minutes. Filed some medical stuff. Most of the paper, as usual, was really just trash.

This is my last remenant of paper piling, so I guess I should be grateful that I've gotten things under control to that point.


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Hi - did you try the flylady scavenger hunt? I had I think every single item on the list! What a great way to clear out! Even my daughter helped out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flylady scavenger hunt.

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Thanks postum! I hadn't seen the scavenger hunt! Looks like fun.

UPDATE: Plans changed again! I'm home tonight for 3 hours before bedtime. The evening routine is done and I'm ready to tackle the paper piles for the last time before the challenge ends.

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Final Update on the Paper Challenge: Excellent progress, but not perfection. I can really see a difference, which is what counts. The papers left will require more time to deal with them than I have during the week, so I have put a note in my planner for the weekend.

OK... Tonight is the scavenger hunt, then I'm ready for the next challenge!


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Yay for you! I lost a bit of steam, but I got a few things--the bulk-buy pharmacy question answered; that paper tossed.

I handled the mail, LOL! And do I get to count what DH did? He went through a HUGE stack of loose papers he was holding (waiting for daytime to shred, since our shredder's over the downstair's neighbor's bed), or holding "in case," or something.

But I'm not making HUGE strides. Just a few.

I'll be home tonight, so we'll see how far I get. I can't devote myself to it, bcs I also have to do some "getting ready to sell the house" fixes--install the transom, shave off the closet door so it'll close, steam-clean the bathroom floor.

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I lost steam, too.

We need another challenge!

Tonight after work I want to accomplish one task that is on the procrastination list. Let's just say I have lots to choose from! LOL

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OK, pick your task, Julie!

I'm going to pick "mailing stuff"--I have showpants to return to LLBean (sorry, guys, to take so long!), a T-shirt to return to DS's school-uniform store, a magazine to send to our old neighbors (who left us a prepaid envelope to mail them stuff, but only 1 thing has accumulated while I've been waiting).

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I've been home 2 hours and have been flying through my long-version evening routine. I hadn't realized tonight was a "free" night!

Procrastination Goal: We bought a new computer 6 months or so ago. It has no email on it because I've never called to see how to get it set up on our old account. I'm dialing the phone right now. LOL


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wow, Julie--and I haven't even left the office yet. I won't get as much done as you,b ut I *will* get that mail stuff on its way.

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HA! That's what you think.

I finally realized why procrastination sometimes saves my sanity.

Results of almost 2 full hours on the phone:

(1) New computer has email accounts but cannot send or receive email. And the point of this is...?? Tech support says it's an Outlook problem & call the computer manufacturer. WHATEVER.
(2) Old computer lost all email access. Tech support says it's an Outlook problem. ABSOLUTELY NOT! No way do 2 different computers by 2 different manufacturers running 2 different versions of Outlook suddenly not work at the same time!! Imagine me getting huffy as I say "Please get me a supervisor".

Old computer works, new computer won't get email. That's enough for one night.

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Talley Sue,

I took your "mail something" advice and returned my son's backpack today to JanSport to see if they'll honor the lifetime warranty. It's nearly worn to death, but he'd love to have it back if they can fix the zippers.

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I bet they do, Julie.

And here I go, slinking off to mail something.

In my defense, I was folding clothes and putting them away, and my DH got in the way, and.... well, I'll pack them up today.

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Does it make me an evil person if I got a wicked grin when I found out I mailed something before Talley Sue got her stuff mailed? LOL

And the mail from today is already sorted, trashed, paid and/or filed. It's my little way of avoiding the repeat call to tech support tonight.

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Yes!! I answered the "MARCH ON paper/work challenge" today -- finally checked on the internet to find out about getting health insurance for the two of us --- and even filled out forms online and sent them in!

AND I went through my recent stacks of magazines -- cut out pictures and information for my files ((thats when I found the info from Real Simple about looking into health insurance!!!))

DH talked to a bunch of folks -- like the phone company, TV cable people, even the security company etc. -- and checked into our "monthly plans" ---- and got each one to reduce rates and/or supplement their services!!! Takes time and a lot of patience -- and have several months of your bills at hand for information!

YEAH!!!! BABY!!!!

Opening a bottle of chardonnay ...........

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Teacats--Good job!

I'm on vacation today for parent-teacher conferences at DS's school. I'm trying to keep a focus that accomplishes something besides getting my haircut (3 inches overdue!) and reading a book (fun but unproductive).

Goals today from the procrastination list:

(1)Switch out the old printer cable for the new printer cable that's been sitting on the dining room table for forever.
(2)Set up the new printer/scanner... it came with the "new" computer package and has never been out of the box.
(3)Buy printer paper (we're almost out).
(4)Fly through the house and put away 27 things that aren't where they belong. Overall we're in good shape.
(5)Cash 2 insurance checks at the bank (I usually use automatic deposit and ATM's, so "real" banking always seems like a pain.

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