Derailment: Have to get back on track!

nan_arFebruary 7, 2005

Am I the only one?

This last week was a huge nightmare. My Mom is in the hospital and the running back and forth has me in a tailspin.

I am off track so bad and I'm noticing a slow down on the board in the last week or so.


Anyone with me?

Let's get moving!

I'm not promising much as my Mom is still in the hospital and could be there for several more days??

I will try to do my morning and night routines and 15 minutes of decluttering a day!

Anyone else care to share what they will try to do?

Anything is better than nothing!LOL

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Nancy, hope your mom is better soon. I'm running late this morning because my routine has gotten off track. Anyway, I have several things I hope to accomplish this week:
*Finish cleaning out the bookcase
*Make sure DH loads some junk bound for the dump in his truck
*Finish cleaning my bottom nightstand basket
*Work on decluttering the sewing room

I'm hoping to be able to take off a couple of days from work later this week, but I don't know yet. If so, I can hopefully get lots more done.


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I'm trying still to tackle one pile, or one box, or whatever, each day.

i have all these spots where little shoe-box-size or zerox-paper-size boxes are just sitting, waiting for me to do something with them.

I'm in crunch time at work and will be putting in extra hours, so I can't do a ton. But I want to move one thing out each day.

Yesterday I checked into whether I could get a new part for the crappy Shark vacuum. I couldn't, so I told DH to throw it out! Yay! (actually, I nearly threw it out withOUT checking, because it's a crummy vacuum, and no one should use it)

Tonight I'm going to decide what to do w/ the Rubbermaid box that has the extra fabric leftover from the flowergirl dress of two years ago.

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Three weeks with this head cold/sinus stuff, and it is still hanging on in my head, but at least my body feels better!
Caught up on a mountain of laundry.
Cleaned up the house, enlisting the help of my daughter.
My big plan in the next week or two is to tackle the playroom together with DD and my NEW P-TOUCH LABELER! Thanks, Talley Sue!!!!!

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I was off last week too...I had some business stuff going on here at our home office. But this week is a new week. I'm getting a huge unit of shelving and drawers for our family room and my current shelving is going, going gone!

The stuff I"m using for toys now will go into other closets for organization so I have lotsa, lotsa organizing to do. Yesterday was a start as my craft closet got cleaned out.

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I wish I could post a picture of my wire shelving unit that I bought for my play/sun room. Also a suggestion of Talley's. It's 74" high by 48" wide by 18" deep, so it holds large 66 quart plastic storage totes/boxes. Like two to a shelf or ten boxes in all. It cost about $75 at Lowe's.

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Oh I remodeled the playroom with a new closet designed by The Container Store, but executed and tweaked by me :-)

The problem is, I organized it with very little help from DD, so she didn't get the hang of how to clean it up.

Plus we just went through Christmas and a Holiday Birthday, so it is time for her to help me box old things up for donation or garage sale, whichever one I decide to do.

She actually already came up with one small box full of toys she does not want anymore. I'm so proud of her!

I'm going to redo my storage containers with labels that DD can understand, and can easily clean up at the end of playtime.

Here is a link that might be useful: My playroom (of course right now it is messier than this)

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Aside from my "normal" routines, I'm only going to assign myself two other things that really need to be done *this week*:

- Get all the tax documents together so we can drop them off with the accountant

- Make an appt for my yearly exam

If I can just get those two things done this week, I'll feel like I've accomplished something. :-)

Sorry about your mom, Nancy...

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I'm derailed because it's so hot and all I want to do is sit around in front of a fan, or laze in the pool!!

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I'm not only derailed, I've veered off the tracks, into the woods and crashed into a tree!

Well, not literally...but I will say literally an hour after I posted on Saturday determined to Get Moving and get some projects started, I got sick :(. I'm still not feeling too good and yesterday 2 different people at different times told me I sound like I"ve got bronchitis. I guess I need to get that checked out. Meanwhile suddenly our schedule blew up: my son is doing Battlebots (oh and he was home sick too for the past 2 days, just went back to school this morning), and my daughter decided to go out for track. AND I had back to back evening meetings Monday and Wednesday I couldn't miss, one for daughter's athletics, and one for an honor society I belong to. Work is crazy busy with a big student event week coming up soon, for which I have several huge projects to organize. Which leaves me completely wiped. As my son would say: I got nuthin'.

Meals have been haphazard. The house is a sty. I still feel rotten. I think the organizing gods are frowning on me!


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Ann: I know what you mean! Sunday morning I woke up with laryngitis. I still have that, but now I have a head cold/sinus problems. DH was home sick Tues. & still feels pretty bad, so he's been unable to help with anything. I've been feeling okay until today, but not great. Going to work was about all I could manage, so I haven't really been able to do anything at home. I have gotten some laundry done, but that's about it. Today I'm home sick. I don't feel bad enough to be in bed all the time, but I don't have the energy to do much beyond that.

Our dishwasher has died, less than five minutes into a cycle. So now we need to get those dishes out & handwashed & use the shop vac to get the water out of the bottom of the dishwasher. I definitely don't feel like tackling that! We need to see if it can be repaired or if we need a new one. Looks like we'll be eating one-pot meals on paper plates for a few days!

I was hoping to take today & tomorrow off work, but I of course I wasn't planning to be sick. As the week progressed, I realized that I would only be able to take off Fri. Late yesterday afternoon a Fri. meeting was scheduled suddenly that I really need to be at. Life has a way of throwing us these curveballs, doesn't it?


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Greta, so sorry you're having a bad week too!

I just talked to my sister and I have to admit, she's having a worse time than me--not only does she have this same nasty bug, her 4 year old does too. And those of us who have or had littles know how much fun that is (NOT). She told me yesterday they both woke up, sick and feverish and hacking with coughs, and she just said "Baby, let's stay home!". So they did. She still sounds totally wiped out and of course she won't be getting much rest anytime soon.

Ah well, Friday is coming, just not soon enough. Hope all the rest of the derailed can hang in there!


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The bug has hit our home too. Both my husband and I have really bad colds this week. He stayed home from work yesterday because of it. My 3-year-old granddaughter who is staying with us for a couple of months also has it.

So, any plans I had for this week disappeared. I might start on those wires this weekend while watching TV since my husband agreed to mark the bags once I put them in.

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I'm not only off track, but I think the train ran over me! LOL! Right now I feel like I am in survival mode . . . keep enough laundry done and food on the table and at least a path to walk through. It isn't pretty, but I just don't have the time, nor care to do it "right". It's funny late at night I still get on the decorating forum and talk about all the things I want to do to my home. It's my "getaway from reality". If only they saw my house as it is right now! LOL! So, until we get the inlaws taken care of and all that mess fixed, I am going to give myself permission to have a home that looks like Rosanne rather than Martha resides in it. LOL!


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I still get on the decorating forum and talk about all the things I want to do to my home. It's my "getaway from reality". If only they saw my house as it is right now!

that's me here! If you guys SAW my home!

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