Raising Second Story Ceiling

carringtonfMarch 10, 2012

I've seen a couple posts on this topic on here so I'd try my luck with my situation. House built in 1860 with a 1940's addition. In the original house, the second story has beautiful 9' ceilings. The addition however is complete crap. The ceilings are 6'6". The attic in the addition is taller than in the original. The roof lines (gable roof) are the same and same construction style as the original.

Would it be possible to pull the floor up in the attic and the ceilings in the second story addition without messing with the roof? The weight of the roof is carried by the exterior walls. I don't mind if the walls have angles towards the top. I'm 6'4" and would like to be able to have a ceiling light without ducking.

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Anything is possible ... what you need to do is have a couple of contractors and a structural engineer look at the attic and the walls of the addition to see if it's economically feasible.

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Were you able to raise the ceiling, and if so what was the cost?

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In a "stick framed" roof (non-truss), two opposing rafters are tied together at the wall top plate by the ceiling joists. at 4'oc. and this keeps the walls tied together and is called a "carpenters truss."

If this is your situation. there is a fairly easy fix.

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