Won't post for a while...

mvastianFebruary 4, 2005

My subscription is up and I very much want to renew, BUT:

I log on from work and since I have only 4 months before taking my leave (1 month summer vacation, 2 months pre labor, 2 months post labor and then another 10 months to raise up my baby a little - the benefits of working for the state!) and quite a lot of work to finish before that, I thought I'd eliminate all possible distractions (on this respect I will also take home all personal PC files that I keep at work).

I will continue reading your posts though, and I'll renew when I go home on leave and get an internet connection.

So, goodbye for 4 months or so...

I'll have lots to tell you after having the baby, since our little apartment is a serious domino (or rubic cube?) case in order to move the office in the L-D/R to have the extra room for the new family member!


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Maria, it is a distraction isn't it. I wish the best for you and the baby and will be feeling you lurk. When you come back, don't forget to change the information on your Member's Page.

Best Wishes

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Good luck, Maria - congrats on the new baby coming! :-)

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Setting priorities is good. Congratulations. Looking forward to hearing about the new baby when you return.

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sounds like an organized plan to me, though we'll miss you.

Happy baby!

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What?? Baby??? Where have I been???

Wow. It sounds like you are organized and I'm thrilled for you.

I absolutely loved being pregnant and having a baby. I hope you are enjoying every minute of this event. And as soon as you can tell us all about it. I love those baby stories.


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good luck & happiness with the baby.We will miss you!

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Maria, hope everything goes well with this new adventure in life for you. We'll miss you but as they say where I come from: Y'all come back, now, hear?



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It seems my subscription "grace period" is not up yet, so I can post and thank you all for your wishes...

A couple weeks ago I had some blood so I had to stay in bed for a few days (5).

Mom happened to be here at that time so she came 3 mornings to keep me company and also cooked for us, went to the supermarket and did a bit of ironing.

Then, over the weekend, DH took over and cleaned the house on Saturday and on Sunday he cooked and washed all the dishes by hand (a full dishwasher and a full sink), because our dishwasher suddenly quit working... poor guy! He was very nice about it too.

I was giving detailed directions to both. That was a completely new experience for me and kind of hard. Thankfully all is well now and I just try not to tire myself and take great care not to lift and carry weight, bend over, stand or walk too much - until three months - which is not always easy, but I definately don't want to have to stay in bed again!

(On a side note, the repair people haven't come to pick up the dishwasher yet, a whole week later - I do most of the dishwashing: DH just uses too much water!)

Ok, bye again and I'll definately be back!

I've been around quite a few years and this forum is the best: great inspiration and encouragement, great ideas and advice and, I believe, real care and friendship. Many thanks!


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All the best to you; a wonderful new chapter of your life, enjoy !!

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Best wishes Maria! We'll miss you! You know we'll be waiting to hear all about the baby when you come back. Take care.


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