One thing I can do to organize this week:

nan_arFebruary 1, 2005

This week I am feeling overwhelmed and thought maybe someone else is too. So I didn't post a goal for this week but I am doing a Brag and then I will do it session.

Post here about something you plan on doing this week and then do it and then come here and let us help celebrate that babystep!!

I have the I-don't-wannas! and I need spurring into action.

Anyone with me?

I plan to stay with the laundry one load day thing it helps me.


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Ok, I have all of DD's plates, bowls, cups in a cabinet shelf. But I have never purged it of her toddler-days stuff (sippy cups, etc). Meaning to do it, and curse myself everytime I put away clean dishes or try to get a cereal bowl out.

Those toddler dishes? I will get them outta there!!!!!!!!!

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I plan on putting away the 4 baskets of clean laundry sitting on my living room floor. It is already folded and ready to go, but putting away laundry is one of those things I just HATE to do. Not sure why. I don't even mind washing, just the putting it away part!

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HeidiHoHum, I put off folding laundry, too. I shouldn't--it's the only part of it I do (DH runs it through the machines), and I like it once I get started.

last night I folded the 4 loads he washed yesterday! That felt good, to have it out of the way.

I decided last night, I am going to dig through the "piles" in the corners of the rooms. I only have one in my bedroom, and if I steel myself, I can decide what to do w/ the stuff in it.

The DR is going to be hard; I have many more piles there.

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I have found that if I have less stuff in drawers, and it is much easier to put laundry away, then it is no big deal, and gets done without even thinking about it.

I'd like to clean off the butcher block (my perpetual hotspot - closest horizontal spot to the door).

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As of yesterday, my stackers are up and running, well at least 10 out of 12 stacker trays. There's hope!

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My pledge: by Sunday of this week, Feb 7th, I'm going to spend 30 minutes decluttering our spare room. It is absolutely horrible in there so I rarely even want to think about it much less go in there. By golly, I will start and post when I've done my 30 minutes. Thanks for the prodding.


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Well I got behind but didn't forget that I had committed to work in the "cave room" which is our spare room. Thanks for the thread. It kept that little thought in my brain til I couldn't stand it and had to fulfill my pledge (even if late.)

This room is totally junked up so any little bit is really great. I hauled out (after sorting, etc) two boxes of stuff. I can't say junk because a lot of it is construction material that goes to the garage. The workmen used this room and boy did they mess it up (and boy did I screw up by not watching them.)

But I have thrown a fair amount away too. Lots more to do. I took a break to post this thread so I can get this off my conscience (LOL). I'm heading back in again now. DH is out of town and it's just me and a movie that I'm going to reward myself with watching after I get some more accomplished.

I feel great I've gotten started again. Thanks again.


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I've gotten several little "piles" cleared away.

in fact, one day I got so "flush" with success that I CREATED two more piles. I went and got stuff from my DD's room (a big basket) an dput it in the DR so I would go through it.

But I've been working late a lot, and haven't gotten as far as I'd expected.

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This is the first time I have been here. What a GREAT forum to have. Since we have moved twice in a year and a half I am pretty well weeded out. Maybe not what you all want to hear?? I have been into this organizing thing for about three years seriously eight years since the flood. The Flood made me realize a person does not need as much as we think we need. A real eye opener.

I still need to do our closet ,again,:^((( . It is not all that bad. I did buy all new hangers all the large ones and all the same color and I want our closet to not only function well but look good too. Thinking it might help me to keep in in order.

My closet problem is I have to have a three sets of clothes. Work ones that WILL get ruined, stained and torn. Clothes to wear around the house when I am working here and do not want to look a total slob and then clothes to go to town in.

I have spent the last three days working on our kitchen painting and now I am into the putting it all back stage as things get dry enough. A shining light on decluttering is.............. Ta Da I was able to have four empty cupboards on one side of our kitchen. I had our wonderful neighbor come up and take the doors off and remove the center raised panel and put glass in them and rehang them. Now I will have four cupboards I can put pretty things in that I will not have to dust or degrease constantly. I will add a picture when I get the things in them Waiting for shelves to dry. Since I can not have my china cupboard in my kitchen, no wall to put it on, this will have to do.

A project like this makes it worth getting shed of things I did not use any longer. I donate most of my things to a place that has a safe house for abused women. They need things to help get households going again for the Moms and their kids. So it feels good to give it away.

So after I rest a day or two because I REALLY am tired I will see if I can get going on the closet.

Clapping for all that have already accomplished their goals.


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