How much trouble to install a new window in solid brick wall?

valzone5March 6, 2010

This is a cross post - on the remodelling forum as well....

I am about to buy a house that is over 100 yrs old and has solid brick exterior walls - 3 wythes and a foot thick. On the inside of the brick is lathe and plaster. The house has very little natural light and I want to add a couple of windows to one side of the house to bring in some more light. Is this a crazy idea? As far as costs go to do this, are we talking twice the price as to add a window to a wood frame house? 3 times the cost? I would hire a mason to deal with the brick.

Your thoughts?

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If you are talking about a window 3 feet or less in width, it's relatively easy. The complications arise with increased widths. The cost of the window itself is exactly the same, it's the labor factor. You don't want the lowest bidder to do the job.

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