Securing those pesty appliance cords

oilpainterFebruary 2, 2010

Just thought I'd pass on my way of storing small appliances with cords. I used to wrap them around the appliance and tuck in the plug but more often than not they'd come undone in the cupboard.

I was putting my crockpot away one day the cord was not long enough to even go around it once. Then,I hit on an idea. I folded the cord back and forth and then put an elastic band under it and fed one end through the other on the cord, so the cord was looped with the elastic. Then I put the other end around the handle and pushed it up to the pot. It was still secured when I took it out to use it again. I got busy with other cords.

I did the same thing with my iron cord. I put the elastic on one end of the cord, put the cord between the handle and iron and secured it around handle and over the cord on the other side. I found ways to secure every cord with elastic bands, so there's no more loose cords in my cupboard. When I use "whatever" I slip the elastic band over the plug and let it hang loose on the cord, so it's there when I put it away again.

I hope someone can benifit from my idea. It sure makes things easier for me

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I use velcro cable ties, sold in computer stores.

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I use also Velcro cable ties, which I found at Lowe's.

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Thanks, Oilpainter. I usually give the rubber bands back to the Post Office, but this sounds like a great way to use them.

I use twisties (the paper covered wire) to hold loops of cord from lamps, etc. behind furniture. I don't like having the extra cord showing.

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Get ready....I use cardboard toilet paper tubes. Just wrap the cord around your hand and stuff it in the tube.

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Great idea oilpainter. That's one I've never thought of using. I use the TP roll and the velcro ties. I've also used the shower rod covers in the right color to disguise cords that would normally lay along baseboard. You can see the rod cover, but with the right color it's less noticeable than a wiggle black or brown cord.

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