trim for vinyl bathroom floor?

alisandeMarch 22, 2005

Last week I had the vinyl floor in my downstairs bathroom replaced. Parts of the floor beneath it was rotting, so they replaced those areas and put in plywood under the vinyl. The result looks very nice--except for the edging. Instead of wood molding at the edges, there is caulking. The installer said the room is too crooked and irregular (with wide plank wood walls) to use any kind of rigid molding. He suggested a product (I don't know what it's called) made of rubber or vinyl that goes several inches up the wall. Even if I get it in dark brown to sort of match the walls, I'm concerned that it's going to look very out of place.

What do you think? Do you have any other ideas for me?

Many thanks!


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I don't have any suggestions but he's talking about rubber bases that are about 4" tall. They come in a bunch of different colors and you see them everywhere in commercial buildings. I would think a rubber base would look rather out-of-place in a home.

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Buy quarter round wood trim. Our home is about 82 yrs. old. It has been remodeled a few times over the years needless to say. We just had new linoleum put down in most of the house. The crew popped off the quarter round trim to install it then put it back on. It looks very nice since most of our house has wooden beams and now has the wooden plank look flooring.

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what do you mean by too crooked and irregular? Wood has a certain amount of "give" in it, so walls don't need to be perfectly straight for wood trim or as above poster suggested at least a quarter round. Sorry, I'm just having trouble visualizing exactly what the problem is.

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