Wow I really belong here!

sunshinebubFebruary 5, 2008

Hi everyone, I have been reading posts here for a few days now and really wanted to join as I am ready to get my home organised. We just got home from holidays and while we were away I bought, maybe 7 home/decorating ideas etc magazines and have been reading them alot to get ideas for my home.

I have to admitt that I am a sentimental gatherer of stuff. I keep everything, from ticket stubs and napkins with notes written on them from hubby from 20 yrs ago, to all the kids cards, and bits and pieces. These things I have under control and stored away, but its the rest like 20 sets of bed sheets (now gone)3 little chests of drawers (now gone and replaced with newer ones) and kids clothes that I just can't get rid of (sorted and gone). And I am feeling FANTASTIC. The house is looking tidier I feel more organised and am now ready to tackle the kitchen and get rid of crap, and I mean crap in the cupboards that I think I will use someday but know I never will. The charity is coming tommorrow to gather up everything, so I am making progress.

Thanks everyone for a great site and I look forward to posting more here. Cheers!

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I with you sunshinebub. I started reading and was inspired to clean out all the junk. You can now look in any closet or drawer, they are neat as a pin. I went through it all and all those things I "might need down the road" went into the donation pile. I figure I'll run to Goodwill myself and buy it again if I need it that bad. This forum has such great tips; I love it!

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I mainly am a lurker, here, but welcome you. Having read your post about a cleaning routine and having three children under seven--I think that's what you said--you'll fit right in! Folks are great about sharing their tips and "tried and true" solutions.

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that's great, that you're feeling so revved from your efforts.

Making progress toward any goal is always energizing, but when it's a decluttering goal, the extra space (physical & mental) you get doubles the impact.

I need to get re-energized at home. Bcs stuff just keeps coming in. (I need to tie my daughter up and stick her in the corner of a room, or something, bcs every week she brings in a small box worth of stuff, what w/ school projects, etc.)

Let us know your progress now and then; it's really inspiring to the rest of us.

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Welcome! This site has been great for me as well. The kitchen is a hard place and I'm glad you're making progress.


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I'm doing a major decluttering too and I find I feel lighter and freer so I know exactly how you feel. It's amazing how much junque we collect even when we're careful. There is a lot of good advice here.


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Welcome, and I look forward to reading your posts. :-)

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