Ceiling vent fan ? for GW to ponder why or why not?....

deedlesFebruary 20, 2013

Okay, so I found this vent that can be ceiling mounted up to 9' high.

And it has either in line or external blower of varying options for cfm.

So why couldn't a person pick a different insert liner (read: less expensive) of the same size with the same external cfm blower and do the same, ceiling mount thing?

I did find one thread from a little while back and one person in the industry said they had one set up in a demo kitchen and he or she was surprised at how well it worked, even way up there.

Possibly the lighting might be an issue?

This would be used over the stove which is being placed against a 42" tall wall and then open to the 9" ceiling.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about why or why not a different liner unit could or couldn't be used in this manner.

Here is a link that might be useful: cirrus vent

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Sophie Wheeler

Grease and steam rise in a V shape. They expand and become larger as they go upwards. For that thing to actually work, it would need to be around 5'x10' on a 9' ceiling. Otherwise, with that small capture area, all you are doing is making cleaning your ceiling every week be the chore instead of putting the vent filters in the DW. It's a marketer's idea, NOT an engineer's.

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Well, they have a video on their website that shows it working. Lady is frying up a storm and it's all going into the vent.

Here is the comment from the other thread:

Posted by eelpout1 (My Page) on
Mon, Aug 13, 12 at 16:20

They have one of these (a Best - Cirrus) installed at the Purcell-Murray demo kitchen in Brisbane, CA (as of Aug, 2012). It's over a new Thermador Freedom induction cooktop. I was shocked at how well it worked for being so high above the surface. Not too noisy either. Though I think the rep said there was a replacement part it needed that would quiet it down some more.

I think if you get it with an external blower you can size up the duct to 8".

I mean, who'd a thought you could put a dishwasher in a drawer? Maybe it's new design that really does work? I don't know...

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Fori is not pleased

Futuro (was it them?) makes one too. Dunno if they work (but you'll always find someone who hasn't tried it to say it can't possibly). Stuff does spread as it rises, but it spreads less if it's being SUCKED towards a certain point in the middle. It would have to be better than nothing. And they are wide.

Purcell-Murray the distributor in Brisbane. Pfft. All the retailers kept telling me to go THERE to see the things I wanted that they didn't stock but they sure didn't have much hooked up.

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I see on the ABT site, this is listed as discontinued but they don't say if it's the manufacturer or ABT that has d/c'd it.

I wish I could find some real life stories about this thing.

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I have been to Purcell Murray to cook on their appliances. Email them and they are good about responding.

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