About all of those plastic bags.

quiltgloFebruary 7, 2006

One trip to the store and I end up with at least 20. They don't hold much weight. Kept forgetting to take them back to recycle. They aren't large enough for me to use for trash except in just a couple of small bathroom cans and we only need to keep very few.

Now, I give them to a friend who runs a small business. I didn't realize that she would take them, so now I fold them up and drop her off a load every week or two. She says it really helps.


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Thrift stores also will be happy to see them ... That's where mine go.

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Often I remember to put the bags in the car, but forget to take them in the store to recycle --

But, when I open the hatch to put the groceries in the car, I then see the bags I forgot. Sometimes I just put the bags in the shopping cart before returning to coral. I keep my fingers crossed that the next person to use the cart (or the store attendant) will bring them to their proper place.

Here is a link that might be useful: Creative Ways to Use Plastic Grocery Bags

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The thrift stores here love them too.

I also find they are a good size to keep in the pop-up camper.

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Our library is only too happy to get all they can. Between the loaners and the book sales store, they use a lot of them.


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Our elementary school saves them for a fundraiser. They collect a huge bag (supplied by the fundraiser) and when it is full, someone picks it up and they are paid for the bags. Can't remember the amount. It's like $25 or about. Don't know the details but I take a handful of bags in every week.

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I have 4 small waste baskets so a lot get used there but we still have excess. We have a local food pantry/clothing sleter so I take my extras over there every month and drop them off. They are very grateful for them.

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I use mine to line trash cans and pick up after our dog on walks and to clean up his mess in the back yard. Works great and I rarely have an excess of bags.

One way I've cut down on the number of bags coming into the house is to reuse them at the grocery store. The paper-in-plastic ones last a long time and since I bring them with me when I shop, I'm not bringing home many new plastic ones. My grocery store also has a recycle bin for plastic bags.

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I use two (double-bag) every day for litter box clean up: threee cats, 4 boxes.

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My mom uses hers as packing material when she ships packages.

We also use them to line waste paper baskets. We're doing more and more shopping at Sam's Club, Costco, Aldi and Save-A-Lot, so we never have an excess of bags.

We recycle our paper in brown grocery bags, so when we're at a "real" grocery store we always have to remember to ask for a couple bags of groceries to be put in paper bags.

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