Writing the problem reveals the solution.

lilydillyFebruary 18, 2009

Does anyone else delete as many posts as I do? I have written about 6 in the last week and deleted them. Why? Because by the time I've asked the question, I've seen the answer for myself LOL.

I just wrote to ask about organizing cleaning cloths and rags and sponges etc, which seem to always end up in chaos in the cupboard. So, after I typed out the question, I found myself writing, "I think I probably just have too many...." Bingo. I stopped typing and deleted my question, because there it was ... too many cloths and rags etc.. I saw it as clearly as if someone else had told me.

Last week I was answering someone else's post, and then realised that by doing so, I was actually addressing myself and something I needed to sort through. So I deleted it again, because I was actually talking to myself.

This happens lots on here for me.

Anyone else answer their own dilemna before they've finished asking the question?

Must be something to do with setting it out in words rather than just random thought processes... it must organize my brain cells or something.

I wonder what else it will work for.


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I've done the same thing myself. Maybe it's like having a list or something like that. Thanks for helping me realize it. Now, I kind of feel like a dope for not saying to myself, "Huh" and writing the problem in the first place - like, for the past 50 years or so!

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Just like those reality shows. Just watch the Nanny and how she deals with those spoilked-rotten kids. I just know she'll crack the whip and they'll behave. And I could do Dr. Phil's job, too. I could write the script for him. It's all just common sense. We can do it ourselves!

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i find that that is absolutely true with me, also when i'm emailing to my friends, i'll be typing and the ideas just flow..I've noticed it for years even mentioned it to my sister in law that talking with her online i often will sort things out as i write them.

as for your too many rags..you know tons of factories take extra rags of all kinds..yes even underwear..where my husband retired and my son works they take them..(Ron said sometimes they would go through some fun days of pulling them on over their clothes..yeah they need a break occasionally)

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Great discovery, lilydilly! A side benefit to the forums that we hadn't thought of.

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Very, very true, Lily! I, too, have figured that out over the years. In order to state the problem in a clear and concise way, one has to reach a state of mental clarity. That is the very environment where a solution will emerge, almost on its own. It's like magic! :-)

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Ummm, not to be bossy? But you need to post those things anyway--the rest of us could probably learn something from watching your thinking process.

And it would keep us company!

But I think you're right; writing the problem out forces you to focus on it, and helps you frame the problem.

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I'm behind Talley Sue also. You just putting it into words makes me realize I have too many 'sock' rags. We are still in the process of painting our home, and yes, need lots of rags, but the pony wall in our basement bedroom has stacks of socks 4 feet in length, stored there, because I know the great big 2 foot x 2.5 foot box in the garage labelled 'rags' is stuffed full, therefore no room for these addtional ones. Now, to just get them to the garbage with out the dh seeing, since he will point out that we need those rags you know!

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Oh boy Kioni: DH's and rags! Yes mine uses them lots too, but he hasn't yet realised that there will always be a constant flow of them. That's what I had to realise in the house too... By the time I wear out the few old rag towels etc I do use, the good ones will be ready for the rag pile, so I really don't need "spare" rags.
Ok, Talley Sue... no more delete button!
I don't think I have a "thinking process" though... more like random brain cells firing erratically.
Cheers Lily

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Yes, but those random brain cells fire off so charmingly, and so edifyingly!

(there, that's my big word for the day)

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