flour, sugar containers?

aleighjcFebruary 2, 2011

I need new containers (I want them to match!)

I was thinking Oxo containers, they look "nice" anyone have them or have something you recommend? I have metal shelfs in a pantry... I've thought about glass but worried it would be to heavy and might break/chip.

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I like glass containers, but for storage of flour or sugar, I would go with plastic for the weight. I have been buying Snapware (and Snapware knock-offs) lately because they seal well and are easy to open.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snapware

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I have big Rubbermaid containers that fit an entire five pound bag for flour and we've used the same glass jar that originally held nuts for years for our sugar (looks like a pickle jar).

I'm afraid the Rubbermaid isn't very pretty, but very practical. And I like our reused jars (we use them for other things besides sugar), but that look isn't to everyone's taste.

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Tupperware Modular Mates are what I use.

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I use Lock n Lock.


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I want the English Baker's set but unfortunately it looks like they have discontinued the flour canister. I love them because they are much larger. :)

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I use the big square Tupperware containers. It fits an entire bag of flour or sugar. If you buy different colored lids, you know what is which container. I have one for dark blue for sugar, light blue for flour, and pink for bread flour.

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You didn't mention if you want your staples in view on the counter top. I like my canisters on display and have had these glass canisters for over 30 years -- haven't chipped or broken any. The Container Store still sells them. My largest holds 10# flour, next size holds 5# sugar. 2 brown sugar fits in the smallest.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sorry, maybe this will work better...

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass canisters

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Cross stich, I actually have two like that right now that sit out on the counter, one with granola/cereal type bars, the other with packages of dried fruit (snacks for my toddler) maybe I will put those somewhere else and try using them. I know they are really afforadable too. I think I bought my bigger one for 10.00 at Target. I'm just a little worried about the weight on a metal shelf, but I suppose if that's the only the on the shelf (3-4 jars) It should be ok.

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aleighjc, I didn't think about your canisters on a shelf. Is it a wall-mounted shelf? Or a rack arrangement that rests on the floor? I would be nervous about a wall mounted shelf... I just weighed my canisters and the smallest holding 2 pounds of brown sugar weighs 6.5 pounds. The middle size with about 6 pounds of sugar is almost 10 total pounds. The largest must be about 15 pounds (it is beyond the limit of my scale) since it holds 10 pounds of flour. In view of all that weight, maybe you should reconsider the plastic choices.

Just for a smile, here its the kind of flour storage I would love to have. Of course it's out of the question since I have a tiny kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Original kitchen canisters

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I have a collection of antique canning jars (the blue ones with zinc lids, mostly quarts and a few pints) on my counter and bar where my prep area is. In these, I keep 3-4 different flours, sugars, and lots of different beans, popcorns, lentils, rice, etc. I have very high cupboards (that hold a lot but are very annoying to reach) so I keep all the bulk bags in baskets on a top shelf & when I empty a jar I grab my stepladder, pull down the basket, and top off all the jars. Works great for me because I make bean soup or something and just go down the line. Also my husband is a vegetarian and we have "meat substitute" in some of the jars (like bacon bits but different flavors).

I keep the flour & sugar bags within easy reach since I end up topping those off more often (although I don't bake very often, a quart is really only good for 2 or 3 baking projects, but the jars are very handy for getting a pinch or spoonful for thickening this or that, which is what I do more often). If I baked every day, I would add an apothecary jar for white flour and white sugar, but I like the counter space that having a little jar saves.

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Another Lock N Lock fan here...in a BIG way. I prefer the square & rectangular shapes. Wastes much less space. They are mostly sized to stack and work together.

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I like the OXO containers. They are spendy, but I've picked up the ones I need a little at a time, on sale.

Here is why I like them:

I can open and close them with one hand, thanks to the push top. This is handy when I need one hand to stir, or have one hand in the meatloaf mix :)

All the square lids fit the square containers, and all the rectangle lids fit the rectangle containers, no matter the volume of the respective shapes. This may seem trivial, but I have come to appreciate it when I'm downsizing the last of the Splenda into a smaller container. I can use the same (labeled) lid on the smaller container, provided I'm using the same shape. (I don't know if I'm explaining this clearly.)

Speaking of labeling, I only have to label things that would get easily confused (sugar, Splenda, kosher salt) because the containers are as clear as glass. Some plastic containers are cloudy or semi-opaque, disgusing the contents somewhat.

Their shape makes pouring from them very tidy. There are no ridges or bends in the design for the contents to get hung up on.

The square/rectangle shapes line up nicely on my pantry shelves and stack nicely too.

They are sturdy plastic. Lightweight, but durable.

Drawbacks include the fact that they are not dishwasher safe, and their internally complicated lids take a long time to air dry. And they are pricey, as previously mentioned.

I have no connection to the OXO company, but I'm a fan. And if OXO wants to send me a container for the endorsement, I wouldn't say no! :)

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I have my flour in very large tins. One is an older flour tin, all red. I'm phasing plastic out of my kitchen so like these although glass or stainless is best as they're inert. Also, a determined mouse can easily get through plastic, should one find its way into the house.

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I like to buy my flour and sugar in bulk. However, that doesn't fit very nicely in a kitchen. So my system is to use 6-gallon buckets with gamma seal lids (if you want to know where I got them, you can e-mail me - I don't sell them) and store the bulk of the flour and sugar in them in a cool part of my home. This helps with storage life of the flour and sugar. Then I use Rubbermaid tall clear plastic containers with rubber lids that seal well to hold my flour and sugar in the kitchen cupboard. The Rubbermaid containers each fit a 5lb. bag of flour or sugar. When I'm running low, I then go to my 6-gallon buckets to refill. Saves money and time!

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My former roommate kept the laundry detergent, which we shared, in a Click Clack container and I really loved it.
For myself, I've been buying the OXO containers one at a time when I can. I've been happy with them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click Clack storage containers

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I'd check Ebay or amazon. I have a Bed Bath and Beyond (in fact two) fairly close. I'd give them a try. I have a ceramic flour container and a cheap china sugar bowl. Not really into those matchy matchy containers.

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