Closet Kit- Martha Stewart Living VS Easy Track

jasiFebruary 22, 2013

Martha Stewart Living Closets @ Home Depot
Easy Track

Has anyone had experience with either of these two? I'd love input on cost, installation, design and how well they've held up. Please give me your ideas and comments! =D

I want to say in advance that I really appreciate your time and consideration but please only reply with thoughts on either of these two closet sets. I'm aware but not interested in other brands right now. Thanks a lot!

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I'm shopping around for closet products and stared at these two versions for a while at Home Depot. Both of these products cut up the space into sections, so they won't work for me.

They look remarkably similar. The HD displays are mounted high, so you get no sense of how well they will hold up to wear.

You can look at their on-line installation instructions. As a DIYer, I feel I could put them together. Compare the warranties on the two products. That can be an indication of how long the manufacturer thinks they will last.

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A Professional Organizer told me she doesn't like most closet systems, unless the shelves are solid (wood or particle board). Wire shelving tends to break. Just look carefully at the materials before you buy.

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Our home has wire shelving closet systems installed by the previous owner eleven years ago. They look like the kinds from Home Depot to me, but I don't know what brand. They have held up very well and are all in good shape--nothing broken or peeling or loose. That said, they are used for storing clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. and not boxes of items, so hard surfaces might wear on them differently.

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