Vanity for a black and white bathroom? Xpost

aries61February 25, 2013

I have this posted on the bathroom forum, but it gets little activity compared to this forum.

Looking to update my guest bathroom. I've already changed the faucets. Not looking to change anything else except the vanity and top. Looking for suggestions on what should I change it to. Should I keep it white or change it to something else? Also, what color vanity counter should I change it to. Open to all suggestions.

Below is a picture of it with the current vanity.

I'm also changing out the interior doors and trim to white.

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Hi aries61. If beyond the vanity is the john, I'd stick with black vanity with white counter. The john is nicely hidden by its color and a white vanity would then focus ones eye on it more imo. Like the idea of white door trim too.

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Sparklingwater: You are correct, the john is beyond the vanity. Both the toilet and cast iron bathtub are black. I thought about a black vanity, but thought that it might be to much black.

The faucets are chrome and black chrome if anyone was curious.

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