This is how sheet vinyl 'wood' looks with old real wood (pic)

alisandeMarch 30, 2009

At the risk of sending purists into an irreversible tailspin, I thought I'd share the results of a small remodel recently completed in my 1850 house.

When I decided to move my laundry machines out of the basement, the floor of the new site consisted of badly damaged wood. We decided to rip it out and install sheet vinyl over a new subfloor. The laundry alcove is in a somewhat dim corner; even so, I was nervous about how fake wood would look alongside real wood.

Well, I'm thrilled with it. Here are a couple of pictures, for anyone who might have to make a similarly practical decision in their old home.

Since this one was taken, we installed a wood-look strip between the two floors. It looks good.

Here it is being installed. (The section of wall on the left was covered with beadboard, which I painted ivory white.)

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Wow, I like that. My DH and I are going round and round about vinyl as opposed to (real) wood in our kitchen. Won't really know until we peel up the old vinyl and the linoleum under that......

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Sheree, I have vinyl "tile" in the kitchen (and wish I had the above wood look instead) and real wood just beyond it. My elderly dogs tend to drip after drinking water, and I've told myself "water is the enemy of wood" so many times that it's practically become a mantra. Most of the time you can find me with a microfiber cloth in my hand, wiping up drips. I'm so glad I don't have real wood in the kitchen.......

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That looks great! Maybe I'll do that in one of my bathrooms.

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Any idea on the brand and style you used? The vinyl floor in my kitchen is terrible but I don't really want wood for the same reason the OP, except for me it is a cat that sometimes plays in the water bowl.

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Yes, I can tell you that. It's by Armstrong, and the line is Rhythms, number 92190, and the color is Old Hickory. I bought it at Home Depot, but if you Google it you'll find it at various places online.

It's a premium line of flooring; my contractor mentioned more than once that he was impressed with the weight and thickness of it.

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