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mc_huddFebruary 18, 2008

Hi. I have recently been searching the internet for Kitchen binder ideas. I haven't seen much on here for this topic & was just curious, does anyone out there do this? If so, what do you keep in yours?

I just started mine & I'm having a lot of fun putting it together. Here's what I have so far:

1 1/2" 3 ring binder w/ homemade cover.

binder zipper bag for extra sticky notes, pens, etc...

Motivation: a full page of quotes found on the internet, about different things, mostly to give me inspiration, with a pic of my DH & my 2 dogs watermarked behind the quotes.

Calendar section w/ personal & cleaning schedules inside.

Shopping list. Here I sat down & compiled a list of everything we want to always have on hands. I thought this way I could sit down before each shopping trip & read over this list & maybe it would jog my memory... Seems to be working so far, but I've only used it once... LOL.

Tips & tricks section. This has different little tid bits of info, like homemade cleaning solutions, info about my houseplants, etc...

Phone #'s section w/ all of the important phone #'s compiled into an easy to read list.

A health section. Here I made up 2 sheets (1 for DH & I) & I'm going to record when we've went to the dr., what for & what med's were given. I thought this might be handy for in the future to know if we can or can't safely take a certain med. and incase there are any patterns we wouldn't notice w/o looking back over a written history.

An "Important Papers" folder.

A "Misc. Papers" folder.

Next, I took a page protector & labeled it "Bills". Here I'm going to slide any bills into this pocket that needs to be paid, hopefully this way they don't get laid down & forgotten, etc... And they're all in one place.

Same thing for "Coupons". I'll slide any coupons I want into this pocket & go through them while making my shopping list.

A "Projects" pocket. Here I'm going to keep any instructions on projects I want to do... right now I have a lot!

A pocket labeled "Other", just for something I want to keep, but not sure where to keep it.

Then, a pocket for "Mailing Supplies". This has postage stamps, address labels, a few envelopes, etc. in it.

Next, I have another folder labeled "Wish Book". This is where I'm keeping cuttings from magazines of misc. stuff that I want, but can't/don't want to order immediately.

Finally, I have a zip lock bag that I fixed to fit into the binder. I labeled this "Odds & Ends". I will keep small objects here & hopefully figure out where they belong... LOL.

I've also decorated it all w/ Sunflowers (my kitchen theme, since this is where the binder will be living) and cursive fonts. I have made most of it on my computer.

I've read that a lot of ppl keep a "recipe" or "food" section & put recipes, menus, meal plans, etc. in this section. I will be adding that to my binder soon, but in all honesty, cooking isn't really my thing. :)

Sorry this was so long. I just thought since I was asking, I should also tell. If you could tell me what you've got in your "kitchen binders" maybe I'll think of something I need to add to mine.

TIA :)

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Sounds great, so organized. I would add "Receipts & Guarantees" to hold documents when I buy new appliances,electronics,etc. And a section "To Do" for projects that require me to do something, like call the doctor for an appointment, write a letter of complaint, etc. This system could be adapted for any household. Great ideas!

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I commend your efforts to get organized. Sadly for me, if I kept all that in an binder, it would take more binders than I have room for in my kitchen. What sounds like a portable system for you, would quickly become too much stuff at my house! When something like binder gets too full, I find it harder to access the information stored there.

We keep a running grocery list on a chalkboard when we've used the last of something. That way I don't need a memory jog, it's all on the list. (I enjoy erasing the information so I stay pretty current, just to start all over again.) I add to it if I'm making a recipe that's new to me and I don't have the ingredients I need in my pantry; I find the act of writing it down helps me remember. If your list is working for you however, then that's a good system.

I do something similar though, with file folders in my home office. It's a good place for me rather than the kitchen, since that's where my files are, storage for stamps, pens, etc. The calendar and journals I keep with information similar to yours are all on my computer, since I don't want to keep/tote around any more paper than I have to. My goal is to keep paper clutter to a minimum, so it works for me to contain it there.

My Kitchen binders are kitchen related; I only copy and print to save, Favorite recipes that are worth doing again. I do have a Kitchen Tips section that I access on occasion, so Tips are a good idea when you want to remember some things.

I'm glad you found something that's working for you. It sounds like you have the basics covered.

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Jannie~ I actually keep important receipts & warranties & manuals, etc... in my filing cabinet. This isn't stuff that I want to look @ everyday - only when needed - so I opted to leave that out of my binder. I did, however, put a "To Do" list section in my binder... I accidentally forgot to mention this in my original post.

Claire~ I know what you mean, my binder is getting very fat, very quickly!

I have tried to remember to right things down for a shopping list when I use the last of something, etc., but I just can't seem to make myself find a notepad & pen to write it down, that's why I chose this strategy.

I also keep some things on my computer... I actually have my calendars on the comp. & just print them out each month for my binder. I just don't get to my comp. every day, so it isn't practical for me to keep everything there.

I did this to make myself a little more organized (hopefully) and a better house keeper. Our house isn't filthy, yet I feel like I could do a better job of keeping it cleaner. Our main problem is clutter! My DH & I both have a bad habit of getting something out & not putting it back & before you know it there are piles waiting to be put away. I've added to my evening routine to pick up all of the places that accumulate clutter quickly, like the kitchen table, so I hope this will help in that area.

Thanks for both of your comments... Can't wait to hear more! :)

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Wow -- that's a lot of stuff. At least you all have your stuff together in one place. My book is more recipes, with pictures of the originators and notes and antidotes. I collect quotes that tickle me or inspire me, as well as cartoons. They all have a place somewhere in the book.
The book also contains helpful tips on maintenance, furniture refinishing, medical remedies, etc. and original handwritten notes and recipes from my grandparents and mother.
If the house catches on fire --I'll probably grab the kitchen book!

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Sounds like a great idea - hope you don't mind if I copy & paste this post into Word. I have my laptop in my kitchen, but I'm still liking having stuff on paper, as long as the unneeded paper gets eliminated!

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Alberta~ Nope, don't mind at all. Glad someone finds it usefull. I love my binder so far, but it keeps getting fatter & fatter as I find more things to go in it... LOL. Good luck w/ your version of the binder. :)

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I have a kitchen binder (I got Mom Agenda's "Kitchen Folio" as a gift, but a three-ring with clear sheet protectors is just as good.) It has worked really well for me. I only keep stuff I look at almost everyday in there. For me, that keeps it manageable. Also, I do love having the stuff in the clear sheet protectors. I was hesitant about this, but it's really easy to take papers in and out and it keeps the pages from tearing, getting dirty, or falling out. Normally by this time of the school year, I would have had to ask the teacher 10 times for another copy of the calendar/class list/permission slip/etc. to replace my lost or crumpled ones. Travel documents and tickets to events also go here so I know just where to find them. Again, only stuff I KNOW I'll need to access soon goes in the kitchen folder. For me, it's a great exercise in defining boundaries and differentiating between what's essential and what's not. Good luck, let us know how it works out for you!

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Although I am a "computer person," I love having a physical binder. I started out complicated & now have a simple system that works for me. I use a Franklin Covey compact size ring binder that I take *everywhere* with me. I started carrying a lightweight tote with a shoulder strap instead of a small purse so the binder fits easily into it. I started out my binder with forms, dividers, etc and now I only use blank pages in it, plus the quickly movable clear page"markers" with the miniruler on the side. I call this my book of lists, and that's exactly what it is. Just lists of everything that I keep in roughly chronological order, ie, the order in which it was written down. Grocery lists, to do lists, lists of things to get at various stores, lists of household measurements, etc. If I keep notes on a phone call, I move that page to the front of the binder. I find that as disorganized as it sounds, I can find stuff really fast in it. And, that it's incredibly valuable to have all these lists in one place, and portable. When it gets too full, I move the older pages to a storage binder. It's kind of a diary in a way too and fun to look back on.


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