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talley_sue_nycFebruary 26, 2011

I took a day off from work to be home while my kids are off from school. We didn't do anything fun; we just were home and around each other all day (DH too; he's based at home).

Since I had DH to help, and all day in the house, I wrote up a to-do list. I'm really trying lately to be productive in all arenas. It makes me feel better about myself.

So, here's what I did today:

From The List--Done

* installed trash pullout (wow, did that open up space, bcs the box was really big! It's been sitting around for awhile now)

* replaced broken grid on microwave (I finally ordered the part about 2 months ago, so we put it in. DH mostly did it, but I had to decipher the little tabs on the bottom.)

* finished sewing my DD's tunic. (we bought a few pieces of fabric about 1.5 years ago; I made one of them, and then ran out of steam. It's a production--set up, take down, etc., bcs I have to work in the middle of the dining room)

* hand-washed sweaters (well, 3 out of 6; the other 3 are ready to wash tomorrow. It was a bigger production than I anticipated. And I have to first clear out and then scrub the sink before I can do it. I hadn't put this one off so horribly--about 2 weeks)

* put clothes away from laundry

* re-bundled extension cords and put away

* fill a laundry basket full of stuff to go out of the house (the "outs," I've been calling it)--1/3 of the way there w/ cookbooks.

Not On The List But Done Anyway

* fixed one dresser drawer (3 to go; since we have to empty the drawer, we didn't want to do all at once)

* rejiggered the undersink storage unit (wire shelf & drawer from BB&B; I shifted the rack for the plastic wrap etc. to the other side, and reattached w/ cable ties

* installed a hook to hoist the soap bottle on (I have the NeverMT plastic hose that hooks the soap dispenser up to a big store-bought bottle of detergent, so you don't have to change it all the time--never empty, get it?), so that it's up out of the way of the drawer, etc., and so the hose will reach

* cleared off half a shelf in the triangle closet; move all the Command self-adhesive hooks into the "hooks and picture hanging" box and put it in the basement.

* made pizza (the last couple of days, I've been pretty good about clearing off the counter and washing it; that paid off today bcs it was easy to get started on the pizza dough, I didn't have to go through a big production first.

* cleaned out two areas on the entertainment shelves (tossed two cassette walkmans in the garbage)

DH cleaned out his closet; I think he got his "required laundry basket full of 'outs' " done. And he found a pair of pants and a shirt that he didn't know he had.

On The List But Not Done

* buy present for DS for his b'day (it's Saturday; I shelves this for tomorrow, since I was so busy & productive today)

* reattach curtain rods in the bedroom (I decided to figure out what to do about curtains first; I have to re-evaluate the old ones, then maybe find new ones)

* order venetian blinds (we decided to check into having JCPenney or someone measure & install instead of doing it ourselves, so I moved that over to the future--didn't want to mess up today's momentum)

Not too bad, right?

It felt good.

How was your day?

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom Inserts, the maker of the Never-MT soap dispenser conversion kit

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I love to do lists. It's the only way I get things done. I'm also grateful for this forum. I've accomplished a lot since I found it. A big thank you here to all of your who have so generaously shared your struggles and solutions.

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Try for the cookbooks, I find that quite a few are in demand.

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I like your thinking. Also saw your post about killing 2 birds with one stone. When you have energy, take advantage and keep going ...

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Wow, good for you. I am amazed at those lists! I only dream of having such a productive day. I did hammer out all the items on my spontaneously made "to do" list yesterday and felt compelled to add items to the list that I also completed; you'd think just seeing that clean floor would be reward enough, but no, I just relish in seeing it "x"ed!

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. . . and felt compelled to add items to the list that I also completed

I'm a huge fan of this!

So much of what we accomplish arises spontaneously, and we should get credit for it.

I didn't get as much done today, but I did get SOME things done. And part of the time, I spent "shopping" at Home Depot and BB&B--I've decided that those sorts of shopping trips (where I don't buy things, but look at lots of stuff) are "research."

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