my triangular closet, w/ pics!

talley_sue_nycJanuary 22, 2012

OK, here are pics of my triangular closet.

Here's the long view.

Note how far apart the shelves are. These were in the apartment when we moved in 21 years ago; I dare say they were there decades and decades before that. I've never had the gumption to try to change them. But their distance apart is a bit of a problem, to be honest.

It's the only cleaning-supplies storage space in the entire apartment (under the kitchen sink has the trash and the wraps/plastic bags; bathroom has TP and toiletries). The vacuum cleaner is in my clothes closet.

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Here's the bottom shelf, the Bukkit Shelf.

Note the addition of the wire-coated shelf. It lifts the bucket up off the floor. There are usually 2 of them, and they JUST clear the shelf above.

This keeps me from putting stuff IN the buckets (now I don't have to clean the bucket out just to use it).

I have a label on the shelf that says "Reserved for BUKKITS," so we don't put some other stuff there if both buckets are off doing duty.
And I can put them away without picking up the stuff that used to be in them.

A lot of that stuff went into the garbage; what's left fits nicely underneath the wire shelf.

See the turquoise rectangle leaning on the back wall? That's a Shmop, which may be going away. I haven't decided.

I do wish I had a way to keep the few brushes from falling over. I may get a pair of smaller buckets to go there--the top one will hold the brushes, and the bottom one will be the usable one. Or maybe a small basket.

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This pic shows my triangular strategy--which is to turn it into rectangles if at all possible. However, getting the right dimension of rectangle is a little tricky sometimes. I was lucky--these wire shelves were pretty much perfect.

There are shorter ones, and I tried one, but it left too much space unused.

(I'm sorry these pics are SO huge--I tried and tried to resize them.)

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This is the one that makes me smile the most.

For the Before, just picture a solid mass of cloth.

I must have tossed 20 or so towels (I know I tossed 11 of them that my DH had bleached! and a few more than were grungy).

Some of the grungy ones turned into "trash towels"--that's what the rear-most, corner-most stack on the wire shelf is: towels that you can use for mopping the floor or drying the griddle (which never really gets clean). I tossed a few of those towels as well.

(I think I figured out the resizing!)

The front stack on the wire shelf is the good kitchen towels. I haven't reached the bottom of those yet, so I could get rid of them. But I'm okay with having them there for now.

Underneath the shelf, in the back, are the aprons. Maybe I don't need so many, but every now and then, I do end up with more than one cook/baker in my kitchen. I rolled them and put a rubber band around them, which makes it easy to store them under there.

The left side has cleaning cloths, and then microfiber dust cloths. Odd pot holders/pastry cloths in the front, bcs there are fewer of them.

The bug bundle of terrycloth that sits on the cleaning cloths are the Shmop covers. Again--these may be going away. If they stay, I want to figure out how to have some sort of shelf they can sit on.

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I have two shelves that hold cleaning supplies.

These are the ones I put the three-tier risers on.
And, I re-labeled the bottles/cans/sprayers on the TOP, the lid or the bottle itself.

I've got some tools leaning on the wall on the left; maybe someday I'll put a magnetic strip in there.

And I STILL don't have a really good way to store all the light bulbs.

the other angle:

And here's the shelf above. It's over my head, so you can see from this angle what it looks like to me. The cleaning lady is taller than me, so all the stuff that she's likely to use frequently is on this shelf at the front. (the stuff *I* use frequently is on the lower shelf).

I have tons of Scotch-gard type stuff! and I stashed up on stove-top cleaner.

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Here's the junk shelf, BEFORE.
This is my next project.

When I first set this up, I put a three-drawer unit in, but with 16 inches of clearance, that left me w/ a lot of headroom.

So I cut a piece of foam-core board and set it on top of the three-drawer unit (that's one of my tricks--using those drawer units as shelf supports). But as you can see, it sags at the ends.

So I think I'll end up with two two-drawer units, which will leave me with about 2.5 to 1.5 inches of space above it.

I'm still trying to decide if I'll have a smaller drawer unit beside this one.

With this arrangement, you do lose the triangle of space behind the drawer unit--but it's the only way to have drawers, because if you put the drawers flush against the back wall, you'll have to keep part of the shelf completely clear. I've found this works pretty well.

And the big challenge here is the tape rolls. Some of them, I do like to keep on hand. I'm thinking I might try to install some sort of hook against the back wall to hang them on, up in the headroom area.

I have to have space for the tape dispenser. Some of the stuff on the shelf (Goo Gone, for example) could move up to the other shelves, if we can use up the stove-top cleaner, etc. Although, I'm completely programmed to reach for that stuff in THAT spot.

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I have 4 of them. (one is in the kitchen)

The bottom one is supposed to hold tools, etc.

The middle one holds miscellaneous stuff

The top one was supposed to hold household stuff--shoestrings, clothes pins.

I'm sort of eager to sort these out.

But given that I'm switching to a different shelving unit, I'm thinking I'll have to tackle this in two stages.

I want to take everything out to measure the space to be sure the drawer units i want will work. So I'll probably declutter the outside first.

And tackle the contents of the drawers once the new drawers arrive.

Anyway, there they are!!

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Talley Sue,

We have small, almost round (flattened on top for the shelf to sit on) plastic shelf supports that are attached to the sides of the cupboard or closet with a tiny nail that goes through the middle. Are you sure you cannot use them to prevent the foam-core board from sagging?


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ooh--cool! Now I have to figure out where I can get those.

Hey, look-Amazon has them!

They come in white, and in silver!!

But when I think about it, I have a ton of little L brackets, and plenty of screws w/ plastic anchors--I could support that shelf with those without having to purchase anything.

And why didn't I think of that before?

So now--

Any opinions on whether I'd be better off with the shelf, or with a fourth drawer?

(but I love these--and can think of places I'd prefer them, like in the kitchen cabinets)

Here is a link that might be useful: nail-in shelf supports

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It's looking good!

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Looks good!

I'm still thinking on my triangle closet. I don't have little stuff. Maybe I should quit trying to use it as a linen closet.

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