No garbage disposal is driving me nuts

marie26January 20, 2005

I used to be a member a few years ago. I would lurk from time to time since then but I really missed being able to interact, so I rejoined.

I moved into a rental home recently that does not have a garbage disposal. Since it has a septic system, the owners will not allow a disposal to be put in.

I do have a couple of those corner thingies that I can use in the sink. I am trying to use them but I am so used to using a disposal. I seem to be constantly finding small bits of food that need to be thrown out and I don't like to keep any food in the thingie. So I am constantly taking small amounts of garbage to the garbage bag.

This is another problem. I don't have a garbage can because I don't know which one to buy. I have never kept one under the sink but the only logical place to put one in the kitchen wouldn't leave much room to pass by. The place is between the island's side and the dishwasher.

How do you survive without a garbage disposal? I seem to be working harder in the kitchen without one.

Thank you for your help with this.

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I have a powerful Kitchen Aid batch feed disposal and to tell you the truth, I don't use it much at all. Now since it's there I do run it once every two or three days to clear the gunk so the dishwasher drains properly, but for the most part, it stands unused. But I can let bits and pieces of food slide down. I also have a prep sink, and that has no disposal and that's where we do most of our peeling, pasta draining, etc. It is a little more work to collect the leftovers under these circumstances. But really it's just a matter of adapting your food prep and cleaning styles. Once you're used to a new routine, it won't take more than a few seconds to work in the kitchen.

Use a rubber spatula to scrap food into your trash as you clear the table. Get a coffee can for grease and keep it in your freezer. When you are cleaning a greasey pan, drain the grease into the coffee can and then return it to the freezer. When it fills up, throw it away right before you carry the garbage to the big can outside. Maybe one of those step-on gargbage cans would work best for you. Look at the Container Store's website, then go to Walmart and buy the affordable version. Good luck!

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I grew up in New York City which prohibited garbage disposals until very recently.

As Cupof posted, it's really just getting used to it. I now have a garbage disposal but don't put huge amounts of vegetable peelings down the sink anyway because I don't want clogs to build up.

When prepping I use a trash bowl for everything and dump in the garbage as needed.

Pouring huge amounts of fat down your drain with or without a garbage disposal isn't the wisest thing to do anyway. In those rare circumstances when I do have a large amount of liquid fat to dispose of, I pour into a tin can and let it solidify and then toss or if it's large enough just dump immediately in the real trash.

Regarding the trash can issue, if there is room under the sink you could get one of the slide out models. Otherwise, just get an attractive stainless step on can. I have a small galley kitchen with one and although it's not ideal, it's easy enough to move out of the way if I need to access something it is blocking.

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Growing up, if we had lots of leftovers that were bad, we'd throw them down the toilet and we had a septic without problems. Cleaners will wreck a septic more than food disposal.

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You need, I'm guessing, to pick a garbage solution that works WITH your current habits, and that would be an under-sink garbage can.

Will your landlords let you mount anything to the cabinet? That would be the best, if they'd let you (maybe if you promise to leave it?)

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I don't have a garbage disposal either. I keep a nice depression green glass bowl by the sink. In it go the garden compost waste things: green bean ends, carrot tops, onion skins etc. It goes out to the compost heap a couple times a day and comes back in and gets washed. If the weather is simply horrible, I dont' use it, I just trash that stuff (true confession) because I know I won't make that trek across the yard in pouring rain or ice or whatever. Dishes get scraped directly into the trash can which is under the sink. I do use plastic trash can liners. The little strainer dealies get tumped into the trash several times a day, whenever I'm washing up. The fat gets poured into the trash can into some kind of container: last night it was a styrofoam iced tea glass, some nights it's a tin can, whatever is in there that will hold the liquid. Fat down the drain is a major no-no, ask any plumber. The trash goes out at least once a day, the ritual time is after dinner dishes.

That's it. It's not too bad.

I grew up with garbage disposals but since I moved to Texas some 25 (ouch!) years ago I haven't; I got used to it maybe after a year or so.

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I have decided to get a garbage can for the end of the island which is just diagonal from the kitchen sink and next to the area I usually do any prep work. I also started using a small countertop garbage can for small bits of sink garbage. I have a good-sized window sill above the sink and the garbage can fits there perfectly.

The reason I decided not to get an under the sink garbage can is because I stand in front of the door that would hold the garbage can. It would start bugging me to have to move out of the way each time I'd have to use it.

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Marie, those sound like excellent solutions. I know what you mean about standing in front of the trash.

Near the prep area sounds really smart, and that little garbage can sounds perfect, esp. since you've got a niche for it.

(can you find a link fo rthe countertop garbage can? I'm curious)

Now, you'll just need to give yourself a little time to get used to the new habits.

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Talley Sue, it's funny that you asked for a link to the countertop garbage can. My dh and I had an argument about it today because I took it from the counter in the bathroom to use in the kitchen and he wants it back. I had purchased this one in Taiwan when I lived there for a couple of years a few years ago. I plan to keep it in the kitchen and will need to search for another one for the bathroom unless I find nicer ones for both rooms. The one I have now is just a plastic container with a lid that flips up.

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