Please show me your master br custom closets!

hcf1January 3, 2009

2009 is here & I say no longer will I tolerate a pile of falling sweaters landing on my head! I'm ready to make over my walk-in master bedroom closet and need all the pictures I can gather. I've called the cabinet maker and he's on his way, now I need a plan. If you don't mind please also list your must haves & should haves. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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I just finished our closets in our bedroom, done by myself. For just under 250 dollars.

After completing I would say that two sets of shelves are important. One shelf for your clothing (pants and anything that can't hang) and another one, about 1.5 feet above that for storage!

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This is probably not the best place to come for photos of a ''custom'' design. There IS an Image Search function on Google, (top of the page) that will give you all the pictures of MB closets you want, should you choose to use it. Good luck with your project.

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Also there are a lot of books on closets and storage. You can browse in the bookstore if you don't want to purchase.

In addition to listing all the types of clothing and accessories you want to store, so as to identify what size and shape and placement in the closet, take some time to think about how you get dressed and undressed and what you do with clothes, pj's, robes, shoes, etc. Put another way, where will your "dressing area" be--will it be the closet, or an area in the bath, or the bedroom? Do you like to stalk directly from the shower into your closet and pick out stuff to wear and actually get dressed in the closet, or do you drag items out to the bed, or what? Where's your full length mirror? Thinking through those time & motion issues can help you design something that works with you and not against you. Same for laundry hamper location.

My DH and I are big on "hooks" for "gently worn" clothes. You might search for previous threads on hooks. So my dream closet and/or dressing area includes a way to get out of and hang up work suit, for example, and change into either spanking clean clothes or into yesterday's khaki's that I will wear again today. I keep partially-worn items on hooks. You may decide that that IS what the chair in the bedroom is for, or you may want to design it into the new system.

Think also about unloading pockets or bag or briefcase--I unload cell phone, pager, other stuff into an area downstairs, and some folks use kitchen or mudroom, but in some closet designs, you might have a landing zone for this kind of stuff, including charger station. Regardless, it can be good to have some little area for unexpected stuff from pockets.

Our brightest light and mirror set-up is in the bathroom, so I ended up using 2 of our bathroom counter drawers for jewelry and some accessories and purses. I don't really wear a lot or often, but when I do, it turns out to be most convenient and easiest to coordinate an outfit right there--final check to see that I am all zipped, put on lipstick and hmm, pearls ? gold? something wild? I have entered that need-brighter-light age range, so I tend to use and enjoy these items more if I can see them well! Someone else might instead have a nice antique dressing table and mirror in the bedroom, but I like WATTAGE.

Also--put shoes up at eye level or a bit above. Not on floor. Plan enough shoe storage or whittle down your supply, or both!

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