Should 60" range go in before or after cabinets?

threeapplesFebruary 1, 2013

I can see an argument made for both sides. Thanks for any insight.

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I install any range after cabinets have been installed. It's easier to install the uppers and exhaust insert/hood if you don't have to work around the range.

Good luck,

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The range needs to be removable for service. I would make sure that some mechanism is in place so that it can be slid forward without damaging the floors.
In the case of my 36" GE monogram which only weighs 400 lbs,(and I presume the same would be true of their larger offerings) they provided strips of hardboard (masonite) to place under the legs, and a sheet of the same material (so it is the same thickness) to place in front of the range so it can be slid in and out without troubling the floor. To take this one step further, I heavily waxed (paraffin) the hardboard so it slides as friction-free as possible.
I have had the range in and out several times for deep-cleaning sessions.
I can see where a 60" range that weighs perhaps 550 lbs. or more will require two people to budge unless it's on casters.

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The range should always be on casters?
Wolf did not provide us with boards to slide it out on. Should we just use plywood? Any other precautions we should take?

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