His and her bathrooms or big master bath?

lavender_lassMarch 21, 2010

There are currently two VERY old bathrooms in the farmhouse we're planning to remodel. There is a load bearing wall between them, so I could have a large bathroom that is accessible from the hall or the master bedroom (or both, but that would not be my first choice) and a new half bath off the kitchen in the laundry/pantry area.

While many people seem to like a large master bath, I'm leaning towards a small/average size master bath (sink, toilet, shower) with nice finishes, about 6' x 10' in size. The hall bath is about 8' x 10' and I'd love to give it an old fashioned look, with a sink in a dresser/vanity, a toilet and a claw foot tub. I'd also like beadboard on the walls and maybe a little chandelier over the tub area and sconces on either side of the sink. A little fancy, but not over the top :)

What do you think?

I should also explain that this is a small farmhouse (1 1/2 story) with one bedroom on the first floor and space for a couple of bedrooms upstairs with a bath, but right now it's one bedroom and a big attic space. There's a nice sized living room, with the bedroom behind it and a dining room/country kitchen on the other side of the house. It has a central entry with stairs and access to the bathrooms and bedroom. There is a laundry/pantry area with a half bath off the kitchen. Behind the kitchen (facing the view out the back) is an enclosed porch, with windows that open up to screens when it's nice weather.

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I doubt that this will be much help to you but in my case it is definitely a his and her situation. His adjacent to the master BR and hers across town at her apartment....LOL

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Any way you can draw up a simple floorplan to show us? The description you give is confusing to me. You have both a MBR bath and a hall bath right now and want to add a half bath in the laundry room. Is that it? The clawfoot tub would be in the hall bath? Why would you need a half bath in the laundry room then? Would it not be better to put a bathroom upstairs for future remodeling if there is to be more bedrooms or other rooms upstairs in the future? At least plumb it in while you have the workmen there working on the other stuff if you cannot finish it off right away.

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If i am reading this right you want a small master bath to use and a large bath just for show and there are no other bathrooms on that floor.

My choice would be a nice size master bath and a small half bath for guests on that floor. You need to enjoy the larger bath, not just look at it.

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Sorry, previous post should have read "no other bedrooms on that floor".

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Definitely vote for his and her bathrooms, even if each of the rooms is small. Our situation is similar -- smallish house, "master" bath (mine!) is 12 by 6 and second bath is smaller -- we almost never go into each other's bathrooms.

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We have a similar setup in our 1850 farmhouse, with the bedroom behind the living room, but for us, the only bathroom is on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE KITCHEN which we believe was added in the 20's or so. I would kill for a half bath off the master! It is a very long (and sometimes cold) walk at 3AM! Go for the smaller "functional" bath off the bedroom!

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Given the situation, I can't imagine any full bath facing the hall being of any use. Both should open onto the bedroom if there are two. Beyond that, it's mostly personal preference. Given the size of the house, a his/her situation would be very unusual. That's usually seen in larger houses. But whatever you prefer would work with that square footage.

Personally, I'd have a large single room that would be arranged with furniture to look less "bathy" and more like a living space--a Victorian spa. ;-)

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Way I understand you there is a 1/2 bath where you could wash dirt off your hands as you come in from gardening. Would that also be only place visitors could go when they are there. If you have large family would be rather inconvenient especially if a baby needed changing. Is the claw tub in there already? Seems that 1 of you could go around or perhaps put a door so you could go in that locks on MB side so you could each have own bathroom but lock door to Master bathroom when company is coming so no one walks in on you. A claw tub sounds like a ladies bath & the master bath could be more reserved for DH.I would certainly plumb to upstairs so you can add a bathroom there as it would be a pain going downstairs in middle of the night(might fall, too) At least need sink & toilet upstairs.

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Definitely a His and Her. You take the one opening off the bedroom, give him the other. Have you ever noticed that men's bathrooms stay neater and cleaner than ours? Or at least my husband's does. At least it does at my house. They don't have to deal with hairspray and other hair products, make-up, appliances, etc.

So if you have a neat husband (one that puts his stuff away, picks up after himself, etc.) that could be the one the guest uses also.

That is just the way it works at my house.


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We're just now adding a tiny second bath opening off the hall, and making an ensuite master bath with clawfoot tub. The MB will be MINE, except when DH wants to soak in the tub. Otherwise, the hall bath (about 4 steps outside the bedroom door) with the shower will be HIS.

My one concern is, he is not the neatest person. Especially about toothpaste spatters on the mirror, in the sink, and on the floor. And a messy bar of soap, which apparently does not clean his hands very well, as the hand towel attests. This 3/4 bath is small, so getting it back in shape for visitors is not too demanding.

If your DH is a neat guy, he is to be commended.

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Sorry it took so long to get back...busy week at work and gardening all weekend :)

I appreciate all your input and I know I need a visual aid, but all I have is my graph paper with my pen sketch LOL. I need to go high tech!

After careful thought, I am considering swapping the porch and the laundry room. The house faces southeast, so the laundry room is currently on the southwest side and the porch is in the back, or the northwest side. Both are going to have to be rebuilt, so it's an easy swap at this stage.

If I open up the room on the southwest side, I can have it open to the kitchen and get better light into both rooms. The laundry/pantry/mudroom can be on the back, with less light. This would allow me to put in a second door, from the hall bath to the laundry area, eliminating the need for the half bath (and saving some money!) :)

The load bearing wall is between the two bathrooms, which means the master bath is not getting any bigger (without a lot of expense) and is staying about 6' x 10'. The hall bath is a much more flexible space. I can make this larger and have the claw foot tub and toilet on one wall (on the back) with a window over the tub. The hall door would be opposite the tub, the sink (now the counter could be 6' instead of 4') would be next to the hall door. The door to the laundry room would be on the left wall, between the sink vanity and the toilet.

The shower in the master bath is more practical and although I wear make-up, it takes me all of five minutes to put it on in the morning, so no big mess in the bathroom. I work from home (and live on a farm) so a little eyeshadow, liner and mascara and I'm good to go! LOL

Oh, I should mention the master bedroom is on the northeast corner of the house. As you come in the front door, the stairs are straight ahead. As you walk along the stairs, to the back of the house, the hall bathroom door is straight ahead (but all you'll see is the tub) to the right is the door to the master bedroom. You walk by the master bath, as you enter the bedroom "suite" if that's not too fancy a word for a fairly small bedroom. I am hoping to have a small screened porch off the back of the bedroom area. French doors off the back of the bedroom will lead to the porch, with just enough room for a few chairs and a small hot tub. That is the one thing my husband wants in the new house...besides dibs on the basement!

Thanks again for all your help :)

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Lavender Lass, give that man the dibs on his basement! LOL.
Those french doors off the back of the bedroom, leading to the porch, will really give your bedroom a lot of class.
In another thread of yours, I mentioned that my DH had a sun porch with sliding glass doors, but it was not connected to the bedroom. We only had room to add ONE door from the bedroom to his porch, but it really makes the small bedroom feel like a suite. The room which once had the door leading to this sun porch is now divided into our walk-in closet, and our 3/4 master bath. The original bath for the ground floor of this house is adjacent to this new ensuite bath, and I made sure it is still accessible to guests but when they are gone we can use it conveniently.

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