Help with organizing eyeglasses

april_loveJanuary 25, 2014

Hello all,

I must admit it; I have a problem with buying eyeglasses. I have about 10 pair of eyeglasses.

Here's my issue. On any given day, I might only know where one pair of glasses is located. Today, I'm missing a pair of my 'everyday' glasses. I have no idea of where to look for them.

I searched the internet and couldn't find anything as it relates to storing eyeglasses. I'd like to be able to keep up with them without looking under the bed, looking in the bathroom, looking on the floor next to the bed, etc.

Does anyone have any ideas of where I can store all of the glasses in one place without hanging them by the side panel?

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LOL.. I have one pair that I would "lose" sitting at my desk at work. Now, when I take them off, I put them in a drinking glass sitting on my desk.

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I like this idea. It appears they use a picture frame and string a couple of rows of wire across it to hang the glasses.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Do all the glasses have the same prescription? Or do you have reading glasses, computer glasses, prescription sunglasses, etc.? Do you wear your glasses all the time, or do you just need them for seeing far away or for close-up work?

I'd say you need to find your glasses a "home." The home could be the picture frame adellabedella mentioned, or a drawer in your nightstand or a cabinet shelf in the kitchen--wherever you have enough space and where they will be convenient for you.

I suspect that you don't wear glasses all day long, or you wouldn't be leaving them all over the place. If you always need a pair of glasses every evening when you sit down to knit or read or watch tv, find a place near your chair where you can permanently store one pair of glasses, and designate those glasses as your "reading glasses," or "knitting glasses." If you keep those glasses there, you won't have to hunt for a pair all the time.

They make all sorts of cute eyeglass caddies to hold a pair of glasses. One of those might help to remind you to put the glasses there when you stop whatever your activity is.

Then you have the task of training yourself to always, always put the glasses back in their "home." That's the hard part.

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We have inexpensive "readers" scattered all over the house: by the computers, in the kitchen, at the dining table, on the night stands, in the car ... wherever we need them.

My technique is to remove the glasses and leave them behind when I switch locations, and use the pair at the new location.

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Hi Camlan,

Yes, all of the glasses have the same prescription. I wear my glasses from the time I wake up to the time that I go to bed.

Sometimes I take the glasses off in bed and they fall between the headboard and wall. Many times, I'll take my glasses off while I'm showering. I can usually find a couple pair in the shower.

I'll google eyeglass caddies to see what I find.

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Glasses falling between headboard & bed often happened to me. That's were I started putting them in a mug that I kept next to the bed.

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April Love, from your update, what I think would help you is to develop the habit of always putting your glasses in the same place. I too wear my glasses all day--put them on before I get out of bed in the morning and take them off after I get into bed at night.

Because I have a Very Bad Cat who likes to shove things on my nightstand to the floor, I put my glasses in their case, and the case goes in the nightstand drawer. Every night. If there's an emergency in the middle of the night, I could find them without turning the light on. I need to do this, as without my glasses on, I can't see them.

When I work at my computer, I use a different pair of computer glasses. I put my regular glasses in the same spot every time I take them off. My computer sits on a little shelf and the glasses go on the left side of the shelf.

As for the shower--I don't know, I've never worn my glasses into the shower! I just have a spot they always go on, on the bathroom counter.

But I just have the one pair, so it is easier to keep track of.

In your shoes, I'd designate a drawer somewhere for all the glasses. Maybe in your bedroom? A nightstand would be ideal, so you could take your glasses off in bed and be able to put them away easily. Line the drawer with some nice, soft fabric, so the glasses won't get scratched. Then gather up all the glasses and put them there.

Then, if you have places where you take your glasses off regularly, create a space to put them. It could be a caddy, or a mug like mdln or a small tray or an eyeglass case or just "the far left corner of the bathroom counter by the towel rack."

It will take at least three weeks to develop the habit of always putting your glasses back where they belong, according to the people who research such things.

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I wear mine all day long except when I sit down in my recliner to read or when I am in the office and using my computer glasses. I don't see the need for all of your glasses to be scattered through the house. Put them away. Make a place in every room to lay the pair you are wearing when you take them off. In the office I have dish on my desk that I put mine in, by the recliner I lay them on the side table. At night I put them on my headboard.

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I didn't wear glasses until I was well into my 20s. I still don't wear them all day long, but mostly for times when distance vision is required.

ITA with camlan, a home spot is the way to go- whether you put them in a caddy of some kind or not. Mine go back in their respective cases and are set on a "built in" cabinet along with all the other pertinent items of life. It doesn't matter where I take my glasses off, I don't set them down in other locations. It's a habit and can be developed. When I go for eye appointments, the optometrist thinks I don't wear my glasses much because they are in such great shape, but the fact of the matter is that wherever I am, the case is not far away, and when the glasses aren't on my head, they are in the case, and then in a designated location. (purse or built-in)

Knock on wood, I've never misplaced my glasses. (But I probably will later today, after posting this...)

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