major prge of xmas stuff today!

mommabirdJanuary 4, 2009

I feel great! Today was Epiphany so it was time to take down the Xmas stuff.

I first went through what I didn't use this year. I got rid of almost all of it! Then as I was taking stuff down, I decided to keep or toss. I got a big box & filled it up for the boy scouts garage sale.

I also moved all the tree ornaments into a heavy duty plastic tub with dividers. I bought 3 plastic shoe boxes for my sons' ornaments, and as I un-decorated the tree, I sorted the boys' ornaments into their own boxes.

I leave the lights on the house all winter - I like to combat the dreary Ohio winter. But all the inside stuff is nicely organized, purged, and tucked away in the attic for next year. I can go to bed with a lighter heart tonight!

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Fantastic Mommabird. Purging would be the tough part for me. Did you label the tubs/boxes?

I am finding that a detailed list (8x11 paper with large font so I can read it from the ground) taped to the outside of the tubs is very helpful in decorating the following year. Example: When I'm ready to set up the Christmas Eve buffet table, I can go to two tubs labeled accordingly and have everything I need to complete that project. I take a picture of the finished project to put in the box so I can quickly put it together.

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Oh, I found a picture of some of the labeled boxes. Perhaps you have a walk in attic. I don't and I don't have a basement so I have to utilize clothes closets for storing decorations. But the good news is that I don't have to bring everything down or up at one time. I have about 20 bins so the labeling helps me zero in quickly and just pull down the box that I am currently in need of so the house isn't cluttered with boxes while I am decorating.

These are some of the smaller bins.

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Mustangs - you are right on with the labeling. I did the same thing with my Christmas stuff two years ago, and it makes things soooooo much easier to find.

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I switched from cardboard boxes to see-through plastic boxes with dividers and purged ornaments last year, and it made such a nice difference when I put the tree up this year. I hope to have the tree down and the ornaments tidied away later today.

I need to purge the general "Holiday Decorations" boxes when the rest of it gets put away later this week, but at least the tree paraphernalia is organized.

Mustangs, your labeling is inspiring!

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I always have the hardest time getting rid of some of my Christmas decorations. I usually have to go through every thing about 3 times. I did get rid of about 6 totes (22 gal) of stuff last year but still have to much. I have gone through the stuff again as I was putting away but think I will go through it again. It is getting overwhelming to decorate because I have to many choices and don't seem to have fun doing it. Finally got it all put away in the garage but would love to get down to 1/2 of what I have.

It's funny because I am not a saver and don't really have clutter except for Christmas stuff. Other things I don't have a problem getting rid of.

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Thanks for the motivation. We will be moving in the next few months, so I want this pack up job to be very organized...and a major purge, too. (In fact, the move is what has motivated me to come over here for inspiration. I usually hang over an Garden Junk. Great bunch there. And talk about inspiration...)

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WOW mustangs - you are my hero! I didn't label the totes. I never even thought of it, but what a GREAT idea!

My attics are "side attics" on either wall of the bedrooms in the upstairs of our Cape Cod house, under the eves. They are only about 4' tall and slope downward, so I have to crawl around to put stuff away & get it out. I'm 5'11" so it's a tight fit- even on my knees my head hits the ceiling! But they are great hidey-holes for Xmas decorations, Halloween stuff, snow pants, and other stuff that I only use once a year.

I'm going to go make some labels now.

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Another thing you can do, is flip to December 2009 on your calendar and put in any notes for yourself for next Christmas- like, "buy extra blinking bulbs, paper is in front hall closet" etc.

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Jannie, Exactly! I have kept an on-line house diary for years. Included is a file on notes from the menu for the annual Christmas Eve party that we host along with notes on what worked and what didn't.

What is missing is things like you mention. I decided that 2009 would be different as I had DH and DD running all over getting last minute plates, cups, etc only to take inventory in a clearly labeled giant tub and find I had 11 packages of Christmas plates, 10 packages of canapes picks, 150 cups, napkins galore.

Every year after Christmas I load up, pack them away then completely forget about it. You would think I would recognize my own patterns.

Lesson Learned: Add a Christmas supply inventory to my house diary. As it stands now, I don't have to buy wrapping paper, tags, bows, or paper goods for the rest of my life.

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That is such a good idea about a Christmas inventory because I never remember what I bought after Christmas until I pull every thing out and at times I will buy it because you need to buy way before Christmas now a days.

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