January 23-29: Post your goals here!

nan_arJanuary 23, 2005

Hi All

I have been out all day and didn't accomplish anything today. Sunday is generally a bad organizing/cleaning day for me anyway. I accept that and go on with life:)

This week was busy and so much LESS stress because I have been using routines and all my goals for last week were about 90% I think. I did so good on laundry the only day I missed was yesterday and I had to work and then when I got home I didn't have electricity(whole neighborhood thing)so it threw me off a bit.

The extra room is coming along but *slowly* it is not heated in there so lately it has been too cold to stay in there too long and my 15 minute goals have just about run out in there.Every thing else will be harder to break into 15 minute increments -- I will need bigger chunks of time.

So I will do my best...

My goals for this week:

*I need to finish a birthday gift for MIL this week.


*Zone for this week-Master bedroom so I will work on my closet tomorrow and then declutter at least one bag of unwanted/nonfitting clothes a day. I will also try to straighten the tops of the dresser. Its kind of messy..

*Paperwork for up and coming gardening season-spring is on its way think spring!!I have lots of gardening notes and future want lists that I need to corral into *one* folder.

Any one else have any goals for this week you want to share?

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I haven't joined in any goals but I've been thinking that if I do, maybe I could get the paperwork filed.

File four piles or boxes of papers. hopefully most can go in the round file.

Pay land taxes this week.

Babysit for 2 yrold great granddaughter on Tuesday. Mom has doctor's app.

plan menus for week. With DH working 3-11, we eat our main meal around noon.

Laundry, of course. It's a pleasure doing laundry now. I love my stackables. So much more room in there.

That's enough to start with. There's no sense in being too ambitious.


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Keeping it simple. Due to bad weather outside, and me being under the weather, I'm 3 days behind helping my DD with Girl Scout cookie sales. It's her first year and I think she's a bit young to be expected to do a lot of this on her own.
So goal is to try and help her sell this week!
* post fliers at work in the break room
* review how to fill out the form with her tonight
* targeting Saturday to do some door-to-door in a nearby neighborhood that is less scout-saturated than mine is.

I just don't remember when I was a girl scout, only having 9 days in which to sell. Nowadays, I think they rely more on booth sales than on door to door, so they keep the open sales period very very short.

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Get up enough gumption to get rid of some craft paint I don't use then redo the closet it's in.

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To establish my morning and bedtime routines FlyLady-style.

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My goal is to finish the stupid logo and letterhead package for our church that has been hanging on me like a monkey for the last few monthes. It should be simple, but for some reason I keep putting it off! I think I have made it up to being harder than it really is in my mind, so I keep procrastinating. But I have enough real monkeys in my life (A.K.A. Kids & Husband!) that I don't need this one any more!


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I'm a little late to the party this week - time flies...well...it just does. LOL Anyways, my organizing goals for this week:

- Get all my "Christmas by the Month" goals finished by Sunday. Not hard, just time consuming, but it will save me a lot in the long run. I mostly just need to sit down for a few hours with my planner...

- Tax stuff...I need to gather up all the tax stuff we've recently gotten, and put it in the file cabinet with everything I've been saving, so that when we get the rest of the paperwork, we can easily locate everything to take to DH's accountant. All the receipts are already filed, but the W-2's and bank account info are still in the "to be filed" drawer.

- Clean out the "to be filed" drawer.
- Clean out our baskets on the launch pad.

Basically, a lot of paper shuffling this week...

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Coming in a bit late but . . .

My main goal this week was to clean out all the outbuildings on the section and take a trailer load of rubbish to the dump.

Then take old cupboards and drawers to goodwill place.

Well, the clean up was finished this afternoon. Only took us today to do it too. We had a huge cleanout about two years ago, so it was relatively easy going today. I feel a whole lot lighter LOL.

The rest of the stuff won't be going until next week.

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