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countrymilesFebruary 17, 2013

We are remodeling our kitchen and came across a great deal with DCS. A "free" drawer style dishwasher is part if the package. Have never used one....any comments?

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You will get better responses over at the appliance forum, I think, but I seem to recall posts over there suggesting DCS is owned by F&P. But whether its an up-market label or what, I can't recall. Lots of general posts, tho, about dish drawers in general.

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DCS and F-P are essentially the same company. We've had the F-P dish drawers for 12 years and love them. We're also building another house and I've just bought another set of F-P dish drawers.

There's something wonderful about not having to lean down to put the dishes in the bottom of the DW. I've been spoiled. However, there is also a learning curve to using them - you can't just toss the dishes in any which way, the way people seem to do in "normal" DWs, but once you've read the instructions, it's simple and we've had no problems with getting the dishes clean.

The new versions offer a taller drawer (the top one if you get a two-drawer unit), which I recommend, because our older version did not fit all our dishes. The new versions are also more flexible as far as dealing wtih odd-shaped dishes than the older ones are.

I should also note though that I don't wash pots and pans in my dishwasher, and wouldn't no matter what DW I had. If you're used to tossing everything in the DW, it would be a really good idea for you to take some of the things you'd normally want to wash with you to a showroom that has the drawers on display to see how things fit.

I did this with my odd-shaped dishes and I'm *very* glad I did. Based on all the rave reviews of the Bosch and Miele DWs, I thought that was what I was going to buy. But when I took my dishes in to "test drive" I discovered that they really couldn't handle my dishes. So much for the Bosch and Miele!

Oh yeah, two more things. We're normally just a household of two, so it's wonderful to be able to do what amounts to a half load. When we've entertained, we use both drawers and it's all been fine.

THe other thing is that F-P just sold off the DW division to Haier. I'm not personally familiar with Haier, but the sales people I've asked have told me that the company is well thought of for its other products (undercounter fridges and wine coolers.)


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Thanks so much!

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